Home 7-Eleven Malaysia Lifestyle 7-Eleven’s Heartwarming Mid-Autumn Celebration with ‘Bring the bunnies home’ Halal mooncakes
Home 7-Eleven Malaysia Lifestyle 7-Eleven’s Heartwarming Mid-Autumn Celebration with ‘Bring the bunnies home’ Halal mooncakes

7-Eleven’s Heartwarming Mid-Autumn Celebration with ‘Bring the bunnies home’ Halal mooncakes

Inspiring the Spirit of Togetherness

Mid-Autumn Festival is a special occasion celebrated by families and loved ones reuniting together. With that in mind 7-Eleven Malaysia is promoting a heartwarming message for this celebration with the ‘Bring the bunnies home’ campaign through its limited edition Halal mooncake series.

Coinciding with the celebration, the 7-Eleven series unveils its delectable mooncakes, available in three all-time favorite flavors. These include Red Bean (RM8.90), characterized by slightly thin crusts embracing a rich, thick red bean paste that offers a sweet and smooth taste. The lingering flavor of red bean paste fills your mouth after each bite, delivering an exquisite experience. Another classic is the Lotus flavor (RM9.90), renowned as a cherished Mid-Autumn Festival dessert. Its creamy and silky lotus seed paste brings a luxurious rich texture, complemented by a caramelized aftertaste that lingers on the palate. The lineup is completed by the Golden Starlight with Yolk (RM12.90), which features a slightly thin pastry enveloping a rich filling, often made of pandan paste. The addition of salted egg yolk adds symbolism to the mooncake, evoking the Moon's essence.

Packaged in trendy and whimsical designs, these mooncakes are available individually, each weighing 75g, with a box size of 8cm (L) X 8cm (W) X 5.5cm (H). This ensures each mooncake offers a conveniently small portion, ideal for sharing with friends and loved ones. The packaging concept artfully combines typical Chinese oriental elements with modern touches, catering to a middle-aged consumer as they are more into creative stuff and elements.

Overall, the mooncakes' unique taste presents a delightful fusion of sweet and savory notes, characterized by a soft texture that resonates with millions. Notably, the product is certified as Halal, allowing Muslim consumers to partake in the celebration of togetherness alongside friends and family. “Our mooncakes are now available at all our over 2000 stores across peninsular Malaysia, making it incredibly convenient for consumers to purchase and relish in the spirit of togetherness during the Mid-Autumn celebration. These delectable treats offer the perfect way for friends and family members to come together and savor the joy of completeness, “said Chin Hor Wai, General Manager of Marketing at 7-Eleven Malaysia.

Besides that, 7-Eleven’s message for the celebration is carried out through a special AR filter game where three bunnies are finding their way home. The idea of this game is to promote reunion and togetherness, simply a message that carries thoughtfully for the Mid-Autumn Festival. To give this celebration another reason to look forward to with 7-Eleven, the AR filter game will reward up to 1000 My7E points (equivalent to RM10) when completing the mission. To participate, just scan the QR code feature available on each of the mooncake packaging boxes. And to stand a chance to win and redeem My7E points, participants will need to follow this simple step:
  • Player has to complete the full race journey and ensure the bunnies are home.
  • The final score published on the mission board is the total My7E point that will be redeemed. Just screenshot the final score and post it on Instagram story.
  • Send a Direct Message to 7-Eleven Malaysia via Instagram and share details (Name, Contact No. & My7E No.) in order to credit the points to My7E account.

The contest commences today and ends on 30 September. The Result will be announced via 7-Eleven IG story. Winners will be contacted by 1 October 2023.

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