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Home Coway Lifestyle Less than A Quarter of Malaysians Are Well Rested

Less than A Quarter of Malaysians Are Well Rested

Coway launched Rest with Coway to support Malaysians in attaining better rest and enhancing their sleep quality

Ryan Jung, Head of Marketing & Education Division of Coway Malaysia welcoming the media attendees and sharing about Rest with Coway campaign during the media pampering event.

Coway, the Best Life Solution Company continues to positively impact the lives of Malaysians through its latest campaign, Rest with Coway. Coway Malaysia aims to take this commitment to a whole new level by creating a holistic and restful environment, fostering a more restful way of life through this campaign. Coway too organised a media pampering event which was held at a serene venue, Escape Bali to allow media personnels to de-stress, unwind and discover the secrets to achieving restful sleep for better nights.

Ryan Jung, Head of Marketing & Education Division of Coway Malaysia said, "At Coway, we believe that true well-being begins with restfulness and having quality good night's sleep. Our campaign, Rest with Coway, is a reflection of our commitment to the well-being of Malaysians. We understand the challenges of modern life, and how it can impact our ability to rest and rejuvenate.

Celeste Lau, Dietitian of Sunway Medical Centre (right) sharing her insights on what Malaysians can do to acheive better sleep at night along with Dr Nurul Yaqeen, Consultant Respiratory, Sleep & Internal Medicine Physician of Sunway Medical Centre Velocity (second from right) and Michelle Chong, Clinical Psychologist of Sunway Medical Centre (third from right) during the sharing session. 

Ryan Jung, Head of Marketing & Education Division of Coway Malaysia (centre in light blue), experts and the media attendees each with their dreams generated by AI transformed into art pieces at Rest with Coway Product Experience Room.

Through our product offerings such as massage chair, mattresses, and air conditioner, we aim to provide a sanctuary of comfort and tranquility in every Malaysian home. We want to be a partner in your journey to better sleep and enhanced well-being. We believe that by investing in quality rest, we can empower Malaysians to face each day with vitality and vigor. Rest assured, Coway is here to support you in your pursuit of better sleep, and ultimately, a better quality of life."

To further amplify the campaign, Coway conducted a survey to uncover the patterns of rest among Malaysians as well as the key factors that influence their sleeping routine at night. The findings from the survey unveiled interesting insights, including:
  • 78% of Malaysians are not well rested
  • 63% of Malaysians sleep deeper with air conditioning
  • 62% of Malaysians fall asleep faster with a relaxed body
  • 79% of Malaysians are in need of a more comfortable bed

Committed to enhancing the well-being of Malaysians, Coway has collaborated with a panel of distinguished experts to provide comprehensive guidance on understanding the concept of restfulness and cultivating improved sleep habits. This collaborative effort aims to empower Malaysians with valuable insights and practical strategies to achieve a state of restfulness, thereby promoting better quality sleep at night.

Yasmin Hani (at the front) guiding the media attendees through stretching techniques which is one of the ways to heighten body awareness and release muscle tension in the body that helps achieve a state of physical rest.

Health is an intrinsic factor that significantly influences the quality of sleep at night. The state of our physical well-being plays a crucial role in regulating our sleep patterns. Regular exercise, balanced nutrition, and proper hydration contribute to a more robust circadian rhythm, promoting a natural and consistent sleep-wake cycle.

Ryan Jung, Head of Marketing & Education Division of Coway Malaysia together with Yasmin Hani and the experts posing for a group photo with the media attendees during the Rest with Coway media pampering event. 

Celeste Lau, Dietitian emphasizes the importance of including magnesium-rich foods in our diet. “Magnesium plays a crucial role in various bodily functions, such as muscle and nerve operation, protein synthesis, glycolysis, and blood pressure regulation. It aids in the conversion of protein into chemicals that induce sleepiness, promote muscle relaxation, and maintain gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), a neurotransmitter responsible for promoting restfulness. To enhance your sleep quality, consider incorporating sources of magnesium like walnuts, almonds, flaxseeds, salmon, and mackerel into your meals. It is recommended to consume between 100-350mg of magnesium daily for optimal sleep support. Additionally, refrain from consuming a heavy meal in the evening, it is recommended to have dinner 2-3 hours prior to your bedtime.”

Mental health is also intrinsically tied to sleep quality; conditions such as anxiety, depression, or chronic stress can lead to insomnia or fragmented sleep.

Michelle Chong, Clinical Psychologist shared, “Restfulness is not merely the absence of activity; it is a deliberate act of nurturing ourselves — physically, mentally, and emotionally. It is characterised by a feeling of peacefulness and contentment, often accompanied by a sense of relief from stress, worries, tension, or fatigue. Mentally, restfulness means quieting the mind, letting go of worries, and embracing a sense of mental stillness. Learn to embrace mindfulness and relaxation techniques. Mindfulness, at its essence, entails grounding oneself in the present moment. This heightened awareness allows us to detach from worries about the past and anxieties regarding the future. By anchoring our attention to the present, mindfulness fosters a sense of presence that can alleviate stress and enhance our awareness of immediate experiences. Deep breathing exercises and progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) provide methods to heighten our body awareness and release muscle tension, focusing on achieving a state of 'physical rest'. Following this, prioritising relaxation techniques that calm the mind before bedtime becomes important. Activities like mindfulness meditation and journaling can effectively declutter the mind and reduce stress hormones, creating a more seamless transition into sleep.”

The media attendees proudly presenting their artworks during the Mandala Drawing workshop which allows them to depend on their sense of sight, touch and hearing while drawing their mandala.

Dr Nurul Yaqeen, Consultant Respiratory, Sleep & Internal Medicine Physician added, “Do not use your bed as an office to answer calls, respond to emails and avoid watching television in bed. The bed needs to be a stimulus for sleeping, not for wakefulness. Reserve your bed for sleep and remove electronic devices, such as televisions, computers, and smartphones, from the bedroom. Try to start a sleep ritual as rituals help signal the body and mind that it is time to sleep. Drink a glass of warm milk, take a bath or listen to calming music to unwind before bed. There is also the 10-3-2-1 method to help you rest better at night which is no caffeine 10 hours before bed, no food or alcohol 3 hours before bed, no work 2 hours before bed and no screen time 1 hour before bed.” In addition, the layout and decor of your bedroom can significantly influence the quality of your rest at night.

Ryan Jung, Head of Marketing & Education Division of Coway Malaysia (first row, fourth from right) together with the media attendees showing the soap they made during the therapeutic Soap-Making workshop where it allows them to use their sense of sight, smell, hearing and touch while making their soap.

Effendy Nadzri, Interior Designer believes the ideal sleeping environment is a dark, quiet, cool, and comfortable room. “Keep your room cool at night. The ideal temperature in the bedroom should be between 20-23 degrees Celsius and running the air conditioner at night signals to your body that it is time for sleep. Setting the perfect ambience is also crucial for a restful sleep and this requires the perfect lighting such as dimmable or mood lighting can help enhance the bedroom space and create the desired mood for a restful evening before you retire to sleep. During the night when it is dark and cooler, our brain produces another hormone called melatonin at night to induce feelings of sleepiness and relaxation hence the rule is, the darker the room, the better the sleep. You may want to have aromatherapy or essential oils that can help you relax at night,” Effendy shared.

With the core objective of promoting a holistic approach to well-being, the Rest with Coway campaign aims to empower individuals to prioritise their rest, health and happiness in their daily lives as Coway believes that everyone deserves a space where they can truly rest, and is committed to helping everyone achieve it. Malaysians can discover more tips and advice to achieve restfulness on the Rest with Coway website, www.restwithcoway.com.my.

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