Celebrating the true spirit of ‘Malaysia Boleh’, MILO® proudly commemorated Malaysia’s 66th Independence Day by giving out more than 200,000 cups of free MILO® Goodness throughout the nation on 31st August.

At this year's 66th Merdeka parade in Putrajaya, MILO® had assigned 20 MILO® trucks that gave away approximately 100,000 cups of free MILO® samples to the attendees. For those who couldn't be present at the national celebration in Putrajaya, an additional 22 MILO®’s iconic trucks travelled across the country, carrying another 100,000 MILO® samples that were stationed nationwide, ensuring everyone could join in the Merdeka spirit.

Present at the national parade was His Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong Al-Sultan Abdullah Ri-Ayatuddin Al-Mustafa Billah Shah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Al-Musta’in Billah who officiated the Merdeka celebration, where Malaysians got to enjoy a multitude of performances and activities that were specially organised for those who attended.

Ng Su Yen, Business Executive Officer of MILO® Business Unit, Malaysia said, ”We at MILO® are proud to be part of the nationwide Merdeka celebrations as we are able to witness Malaysians gathered in unity to celebrate one of the most important days in Malaysian history. Being able to serve Malaysians their favourite MILO® from the truck at the National Day parade and other locations is especially significant as we celebrate how far we have come in the last 66 years and our strength together to move forward as a nation”.

For those who may not be acquainted with its origins, the now-iconic ‘Malaysia Boleh’ slogan had its inception in 1992 through the efforts of the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM), where MILO® kicked off the first-ever ‘Malaysia Boleh’ campaign in conjunction with the 1993 SEA Games in Singapore. The campaign became a major success and ever since then, the ‘Malaysia Boleh’ spirit has proudly stood as a symbol of national unity.

This year, MILO® celebrates its second anniversary of its #MalaysiaBolehBersamaMILO® campaign where MILO® has continued its strong commitment to sports, wellness, and national events. This dedication is evident as the brand continues to fuel Malaysians with the energy to go further and forward, and will be organising its first and largest-ever Surf Skate Competition at the MILO® Super Park event on Malaysia Day this year, which is set for September 16th in Putrajaya. The two-day family-focused extravaganza will feature a diverse range of enjoyable activities for the public, firmly expressing MILO®’s support for this important national celebration.