• The NIVEA Extra Bright Premium Fragrance deodorant range offers additional benefits of brightening underarm skin and world-class fragrance that lasts
  • Comes in three variants with premium perfumed fragrances: Velvet Romance, Fresh Lavier and Miracle Sweet

NIVEA, the No.1 market leader in the deodorant category today launched a new brightening deodorant range, the all-new NIVEA Extra Bright Premium Fragrance deodorant. Reflecting NIVEA’s mission in providing utmost care for self and skin, the all-new NIVEA Extra Bright Premium Fragrance deodorant provides additional benefits of brightening and smoothing the underarm skin with a lasting premium fragrance scent that keeps women feeling amazing and beautiful all day.

One of the final jewels of spring, the peony, is at the heart of the all-new NIVEA Extra Bright Premium Fragrance Velvet Romance deodorant, offering users a signature world-class fragrance to uplift their confidence in style every day!

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Ng Hock Guan, Country Manager of Beiersdorf Malaysia & Singapore said, “We have combined our expertise in both skincare and personal hygiene to formulate deodorants that provide specific care for underarm skin as well. The introduction of the NIVEA Extra Bright Premium Fragrance deodorant range is a direct result of our research and feedback received from the many women from all walks of life. We found that 90% of women feel more confident when wearing fragrance compared to when they went without[1]. Women want to have that confidence boost knowing they smell and look their best, while not neglecting the basic personal hygiene needs.”

Ng added, “NIVEA is thrilled to be leading the way in innovating and creating products that meet consumer’s needs. The new NIVEA Extra Bright Premium Fragrance deodorant range goes beyond the basic functions of eliminating body odor. It comes with added benefits of skin brightening and a silky-smooth underarm skin with 10X more Vitamin C, coupled with a world-class fragrance that lasts to give women a feminine boost of #SignatureScent!”

Various local celebrities and key opinion leaders who are experts in the beauty and personal care industry were present at the event. Well-known celebrities and influencers like Amyra Rosli, Sweet Qismina, Nabila Razali, Cherry Quah, Elecher Lee and Nana Bebu shared their personal experiences and favorite variants from the all-new NIVEA Extra Bright Premium Fragrance deodorant range that complement their lifestyle.

Amyra Rosli, a Malaysian actress who is also a fan of the NIVEA Extra Bright Premium Fragrance deodorant said, “I love the scent of the Velvet Romance variant. The floral scent of peony makes me smell and feel irresistibly mysterious and it compliments my lifestyle. It really scents me up and to my surprise, I get questions from people asking me about the fragrance I am using. As I am constantly juggling many commitments and always on-the-go, I appreciate things that are easy to use, practical and provide multiple benefits just like the NIVEA Extra Bright Premium Fragrance deodorant, which has now become my everyday-go-to fragrance. It does not only uplift my confidence effortlessly but also helps me stay fresh throughout the day while nourishing my underarm skin at the same time.”

Besides the Velvet Romance, this unique range of world-class fragrances in a brightening deodorant also comes in two other premium variants namely Fresh Lavier and Miracle Sweet.

The launch event was graced by the famous Malaysian singer and actress, Nabila Razali who gave a rousing performance of two songs, ‘Peluang Kedua’ and ‘Pematah Hati’. “I am a loyal NIVEA deodorant user and I was impressed by the unique combination of world-class fragrance in a deodorant that does not neglect my personal hygiene. Besides that, the 10X Vitamin C is able to give me visibly brighter and smoother underarm skin. I personally like the Fresh Lavier variant with the Aqua Breeze scent, which keeps me feeling pleasant all day long. Additionally, it does make a difference in boosting my confidence on and off stage!” said Nabila Razali.

“As a fragrance lover, I am mesmerized by the quality of the world-class scent used in the latest NIVEA Extra Bright Premium Fragrance deodorant. I have tried many perfumes and I can vouch that this perfumed deodorant is at par with other well-known perfumes in the market. After trying for a month, the Miracle Sweet variant is now my daily choice as it is such a mood lifter, accompanying me all day long without neglecting my personal hygiene,” said Elecher Lee who is a Malaysian content creator and entrepreneur.

Get your #SignatureScent today with the all-new NIVEA Extra Bright Premium Fragrance deodorant as your best partner! The NIVEA Extra Bright Premium Fragrance deodorant range is available at all Watsons stores, pharmacy outlets and online at NIVEA Official store in 150ml Spray bottle and 50ml roll-on bottle at the recommended retail price of RM21.80 dan RM15.90 (respectively).

[1] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK92802/