SAUDIA (Saudi Arabian Airlines) has achieved a significant milestone by ranking third in the latest "On-Time Performance Monthly Report - Airlines" published by Cirium, an industry leader in aviation analytics.

In the world of aviation, where airlines compete to be on time, SAUDIA's achievement is a resounding testament to its commitment to punctuality and excellent service for all passengers. Scoring a high On-Time Performance (OTP) rating of 83.76%, this puts them in the top three airlines globally for being most on time.

"On-Time Performance July 2023 Report - Airlines," by Cirium.

While LATAM Airlines and SA AVIANCA secured the top two spots at 85.30% and 84.67% respectively, SAUDIA’s achievement did not fall far behind with an OTP rate that trailed closely by less than 2%. SAUDIA’s recent success on the global stage as one of the most on-time airlines in the world is only just the beginning, with plans to continue leading the region and beyond as a formidable player in the aviation field.

"On-Time Performance July 2023 Report - Airlines," by Cirium

Within the Middle East and Africa, SAUDIA continues to stand out for its punctuality with an OTP rate of 83.76%, reigning fifth in the region. While bigger industry names ranked higher on the list, SAUDIA’s deep commitment to safely and punctually getting passengers to their destinations has never wavered.

SAUDIA’s success in the aviation industry invites travelers to experience timely and excellent journeys. As their recognition continues to rise, SAUDIA makes a promise to continually represent Saudi Arabia as a punctual ambassador in the aviation world.