Home Lifestyle TikTok TikTok LIVE Malaysia Presents 10 Finalists with A Shot At Global Stardom with #GimmeTheMic
Home Lifestyle TikTok TikTok LIVE Malaysia Presents 10 Finalists with A Shot At Global Stardom with #GimmeTheMic

TikTok LIVE Malaysia Presents 10 Finalists with A Shot At Global Stardom with #GimmeTheMic

  • The finalists are now vying for the coveted #GimmeTheMic champion spot, with the top 5 advancing to the Global finale in October.
  • Viewers can support their favorite contestants by searching for "GimmeTheMic" in-app to share their votes, as well as send the contestants gifts during their LIVE sessions from now until 20 September.

TikTok LIVE Malaysia has selected its top 10 finalists who will now compete for the title of national champion for #GimmeTheMic. The global competition, dedicated to discovering and nurturing new musical talents, was launched in Malaysia in August and has progressed from the audition stage to the semi-finals and now its upcoming national final.

These 10 finalists will compete to be crowned the national champion on 20 September at 8PM, which will be broadcast on TikTok LIVE. These finalists include seasoned performers, TV stars, and LIVE creators who discovered that they had a knack for performing after receiving favorable comments and support from their audiences.

To lend their support to their favorite contestants, fans can search for "GimmeTheMic" in-app to share their votes, as well as gift the contestants during their LIVE sessions until 20 September.

Through fan support and voting from now until the livestreamed event, the top five will progress to the Global Finale taking place later in October where they will go up against the best from participating countries including Japan, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia.

An innovative talent search

Dedicated to discovering new musical talent and nurturing aspiring creators, #GimmeTheMic has seen much success internationally and locally, where over 11,000 participants auditioned since its launch in August.

The competition takes place completely in-app from the audition rounds to the national finals, to even the Global Finale. This has enabled Malaysians from all cities and all walks of life to participate and compete from the comfort of their own homes, which has truly redefined the way talent is unearthed and nurtured across state lines and physical borders. Participants so far have been sharing their talents from Johor, Selangor, and Sabah, garnering steady support from fans who resonate with them.

In Malaysia, the top 30 participants from the audition stage had the opportunity to perform via a 3-day semi-final event streamed live on TikTok. The top 10 contestants who received the highest scores (accumulated from fan gifts, votes, likes, and follows) were then selected from this group and are now preparing for the final, where they are garnering support from their fans in their LIVE rooms, which will contribute to their final scores. The contestants are able to accumulate points via gifts, coins, likes, new following, and most importantly, votes from the in-platform voting page.

Aside from public voting, the contestants' performances will be reviewed and commented on by renowned local songbird Ernie Zakri, who is no stranger to the local music scene. The finale will be hosted by none other than the talented Meer Nash, who has captured the hearts of audiences with his talent for performing multilingual tracks on TikTok. Meer will be introducing each of the finalists and walking audiences through to the end of the event when the champion is crowned.

The top five contestants and the eventual winner will move on to the global stage to compete with leading music creators worldwide and be featured on the TikTok official LIVE account for further exposure to wider audiences. Through this experience, TikTok LIVE hopes to unearth greater local talent with the potential to be globally competitive.

Remember to tune in to the #GimmeTheMic national final at 8PM, 20 September to support your favorite contestants and witness the moment the winner is crowned, only on TikTok LIVE!

Top 10 Finalists



#GimmeTheMic Contestant




A talented singer and LIVE streamer with a charming personality, hafizalonggs has a natural ability to connect with his audience with every performance.



A former airline employee, Irsyadi began his TikTok journey in 2020, and began performing in his LIVE sessions by chance. Now, irsyadiofficial has also made a name for himself on the silver screen, starring in several movies and TV series.



The Sarawakian songbird, who is now based in Kuala Lumpur is an aspiring singer and has also recently released her first single, 'Takut Terulang Lagi'. Through the support of her family and friends, nursyachew hopes to make it all the way to the global finale with #GimmeTheMic.



Rising star and emerging artist shazreenshaharum has captured the hearts of audiences with her captivating TikTok LIVE performances. Her dedication and deep passion can be seen in her performances, and her stage presence makes her a promising name in the music scene.



A seasoned competitor in reality TV shows, fizasinhaa hails from Sarawak and has turned her hobby of singing and streaming into her career as a singer. Her videos have garnered more than 2 million views on TikTok itself!




Formerly an aspiring entrepreneur, jellybelyyy began sharing comedic sketches, skits, and singing performances on TikTok - to much success! jellybelyyy believes that #GimmeTheMic is a good platform to continue improving and growing in terms of talent and content.




Starting out with sharing her song covers on TikTok, miralahhhhhh_2.0 has even been compared to the legendary Dato' Seri Siti Nurhaliza for her strong vocals. Through her passion and dedication, as well as her fans' support, Mirah intends to build a career for herself in music on the national stage and beyond.



Julia began her TikTok journey to share her experience of losing a loved one, to which she received so much support and encouragement from the community that she decided to continue using TikTok as her platform to share her voice. Now a co-founder and ambassador of her own brand, Julia is aspiring to give her all for #GimmeTheMic.



Believing in the power of music to connect us all, regardless of boundaries and languages, Celine has since garnered fans from Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia and more. Her infectious energy, genuine enthusiasm, and warm-hearted demeanor make her streams a joy to watch.



For esthelcs, she never imagined that carrying out a LIVE stream session to relieve her stress would lead her to where she is today. Known for her soothing melodies and laid-back style, Esthe invites listeners on a serene and introspective journey through her performances.

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