Home Anlene Malaysia Health Anlene Mobility Check Screening Reveals Concerning Bone Health Risk among Malaysians
Home Anlene Malaysia Health Anlene Mobility Check Screening Reveals Concerning Bone Health Risk among Malaysians

Anlene Mobility Check Screening Reveals Concerning Bone Health Risk among Malaysians

In celebration of World Osteoporosis Day, Anlene Malaysia reinforces its dedication to bone health awareness and education. Anlene, recognized as Malaysia's leading Adult Milk Powder brand, has been a proponent of bone, joint, and muscle health for over 30 years. Through its Anlene Mobility Check initiative, which began in May 2022 and has so far evaluated over 20,000 individuals, it was discovered that half of the Malaysian adult population may be at risk for poor bone health. This condition could lead to osteoporosis, impacting mobility.

(L-R) Puan Megawati Suzari, New Product Development, Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Director at Fonterra Brands Malaysia & Singapore, Ms. Lim Siew Poh, Marketing Director at Fonterra Brands Malaysia & Singapore, Mr. Ragu Rao Surunariana, Head of GMS Business Foodline 1 at AEON Co. (M) Berhad, Mr. Ganesh Thiagarajan, General Manager at Fonterra Brands Malaysia & Singapore, Dr. Paisal Bin Hussin, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at Columbia Asia Hospital Puchong and Ms. Jessie Foo Juat Lean, Consumer Sales Director at Fonterra Brands Malaysia & Singapore.

The findings from the screenings also indicated a common occurrence of weak muscle strength in one out of three Malaysian adults. These free assessments, part of Anlene's roadshows for adults aged 19 and above, focus on bone and muscle condition evaluation.

Ganesh Thiagarajan, the General Manager of Fonterra Brands Malaysia & Singapore, commented on the mobility check's outcome, voicing concern over the low awareness of bone health's importance in Malaysia. He emphasized Anlene's commitment to preventive approaches against osteoporosis to lessen its impact on the population. Anlene's objective is to promote an active lifestyle by maintaining healthy bones, joints, and muscles.

For World Osteoporosis Day 2023, Anlene Malaysia, in collaboration with retail partner AEON and healthcare partner Columbia Asia Hospital Puchong, will conduct the Anlene Mobility Check roadshow. Set for October, this campaign will take place at AEON locations nationwide and Columbia Asia Hospital Puchong, offering free ultrasound bone scans and muscle strength tests to the public.

Dr. Paisal Bin Hussin, a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at Columbia Asia Hospital Puchong, highlighted osteoporosis as a silent yet widespread health issue. He noted the expected rise in osteoporosis cases in Asia, with Malaysia facing a significant increase in hip fractures by 2050. Dr. Paisal emphasized the importance of early and continued attention to bone health to prevent deterioration and diseases like osteoporosis.

Fonterra Brands Malaysia Assistant Nutrition Manager, Liew Yen Lee, emphasized the importance of lifestyle choices in maintaining bone, joint, and muscle health. She pointed out that regular exercise, coupled with a diet rich in calcium, vitamin D, protein, and other vital nutrients, is essential. Anlene products are formulated to support bone strength as part of a balanced diet and active lifestyle.

Anlene™ GOLD 5X™ offers a scientifically formulated blend of nutrients to meet adult nutritional needs, providing 100% of the daily requirements for calcium and vitamin D, along with high protein, collagen, MFGM ActiveTM, and 17 other vitamins and minerals.

Research has shown that drinking two glasses of fortified milk daily, packed with nutrients like calcium, Vitamin D, magnesium, and zinc, can help decrease bone loss within four weeks. Another study suggests that adding MFGM to the diet, along with regular physical activity, can enhance muscle strength in the same timeframe.

Anlene champions good nutrition as the cornerstone for building and sustaining a robust skeletal and muscular system to support an active life. The Anlene Mobility Check roadshow invites the public for a complimentary bone health status scan and muscle strength test during October at select AEON outlets and Columbia Asia Hospital Puchong.

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