Home Business Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) MDEC MDEC Reaffirms Malaysia’s Leadership In Game Development Segment At TGS2023
Home Business Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) MDEC MDEC Reaffirms Malaysia’s Leadership In Game Development Segment At TGS2023

MDEC Reaffirms Malaysia’s Leadership In Game Development Segment At TGS2023

Over 780 exhibitors and 240,000 visitors, Tokyo Game Show (TGS) 2023 has officially come to an end. Proudly to say, Malaysia continues its ongoing pursuit by being the leading light for the game’s development in Southeast Asia. For TGS2023, the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) collaborated with the Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE) facilitated meetings with trading partners and global players from the digital games industry who are keen to work with Malaysian-based game developers at the Malaysia Pavilion.

The pavilion, operated from 21 till 24 September featured 16 Malaysian studios, all of whom are leaders in their respective focuses – games development and visual effects (VFX). All of them have worked on various stages when producing a videogame – from pre-production, right up to publishing the game. The 16 companies that were present at the TGS2023 are:
  • Acxyn – is a game creator portal that helps game developers navigate challenges and ease their adoption into Web3 value economics. (www.acxyn.xyz)
  • Ammobox Studios – Technology focused, and highly agile AA / Indie Game Development studio located in Malaysia. Developed and published own IP, as well as IP products for external clients. (www.ammoboxstudios.com)
  • Glow Production – One of the few cinematic developing companies based in Malaysia. (www.glow-production.com)
  • Hide & Seeds Production – An award-winning CG studio working with brands, marketing agencies and production houses to create TV commercials and animations. (www.hideandseeds.com)
  • Illusionist Animation Studio – Produces a diverse range of animated content, including films, series, game cinematics, and original intellectual property (IP). (www.illusionist.com.my)
  • IXI Creatives – Provides digital content creation and related services. (www.ixi.my)
  • Kaigan Games – Kaigan Games is one of the leading indie game developers in Southeast Asia. (www.kaigangames.com)
  • Magnus Games Studio – Game development company founded by two brothers. (www.magnusgamesstudio.com)
  • Quurk – Pioneers game-based learning, propelling coding into the universal language league. (www.quurk.xyz)
  • Syncraft - Art studio that delivers top notch illustration and design services. (www.syncraft.my)
  • Ten Ten Studio – Dedicated art service provider focusing on design and illustration services tailored for the video game industry. (www.tentenstudio.com)
  • Weyrdworks - Game development studio known for its award-winning eccentric games with a penchant for creating experimental interactive experiences. (www.weyrdworks.com)
  • The Illusion Picture – Specializes in high-end character animation, environment, fluid, dynamic effects, TV Commercial, digital media, VR, AR and high-quality cinematics, and we specialize in providing our services to film agencies, producers and top directors in Southeast Asia. (www.illusion- picture.com)
  • Dreamfact – Game art outsourcing studio based in Malaysia, was established in 2021 and is led by veteran artist with vast experience in AAA art production. (www.artstation.com/dreamfact)
  • Metal Brain Studio – 3D production studio Games Animation. (www.okoleleofficial.com)
  • Fly Studio – Animation & VFX production studio in Malaysia that offers services including VFX, Animation, In-Game Assets, and Game Cinematic production. (www.flystudio.my)

During the ‘BitSummit Let’s Go!!’ in July 2023, Magnus Games Studio recently announced its partnership with Shueisha Games as its publisher for an upcoming game titled ‘Project Survival’.

MDEC, with its long-time support of the local games development sector, believes the showcase of experienced talents, deep expertise, and extreme creativity will solidify Malaysia’s position as the regional hub for video games production, animation, and anything to do with the production journey of digital content.

“For the longest time, MDEC gave its all to help those within the digital content production space and empower them with proper tools, expansive funding support, and life-long words of encouragement. This list of 16 is just a small selection of what Malaysia has to truly offer and I’m confident that what is being shown at TGS2023 will serve as a repeating statement to reinforce the notion that it is ready for even more investments for this market segment,” added Mahadhir Aziz, Chief Executive Officer of MDEC.

Besides the showcase, there were multiple business meetings that MDEC directly facilitated throughout TGS2023 between prospective investors, global players who were keen to work with Malaysia again, and those who are new to Malaysia but very excited to learn more. MDEC also initiated new potential collaborations during the sessions.

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