Home Education Nutrigene Raising The Next Einstein: Nutrigene Delivers Personalised Education Programmes Powered By Genetic Insights
Home Education Nutrigene Raising The Next Einstein: Nutrigene Delivers Personalised Education Programmes Powered By Genetic Insights

Raising The Next Einstein: Nutrigene Delivers Personalised Education Programmes Powered By Genetic Insights

  • Nutrigene, a leading edutech organisation is now establishing its presence in Malaysia as it works towards helping parents utilise genetics to unlock their child’s full potential.
  • They offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to help parents understand their children's unique genetics and create personalised learning plans.
(L-R): Lindy Mak, Head of Nutrigene Education, Yi Xian Lim, Genetic Consultant, Dr Wenxi Choo, Founder & CEO of Nutrigene, Tyler Teh Jiexiang, Music Educator & Marketing Director, Joyce Chan, Genetic Consultant

Imagine a world where children can unlock their full potential and become the next Einstein, Mozart, or Serena Williams. Nutrigene, a groundbreaking edutech company, is making this vision a reality by leveraging the power of genetics to empower parents and create nurturing environments for their children's true potential.

Through advanced AI-powered DNA analysis, Nutrigene offers affordable and accessible services, enabling a more supportive approach to nurturing children's interests and skills. These valuable insights into a child's genetic aptitudes from an early age enable parents to offer the best support and guidance to maximise their talents.

Recognising the traditional "listen and obey" paradigm prevalent in Asian households during upbringing, Nutrigene takes on a pioneering approach by challenging cultural norms that can possibly impede children's development. Dr. Wenxi Choo, Founder of Nutrigene, describes it as using DNA as “a map to chart out a child’s future potential.”

“Children are born with an innate awareness of their true selves, and many of their challenges arise from their parents' lack of awareness or consciousness. DNA technology today allows us to reveal what children already know about their natural talents and strengths, and this same knowledge can empower parents when making choices that influence their children's career paths — from choosing activities which suit their temperament, and understanding their learning style and personality traits.” she added.

Their current suite of services include DNA Screenings, Post-test Consultations, Certified Career Psychologists, Genetic Nutritionists, Childhood Behavioral Therapists, Monthly Parenting Classes, and Personalised Development Programs.

Taking a holistic approach, Nutrigene considers environmental influences alongside genetic information to provide a well-rounded view of each child's potential. Through their Database Insight analysis — which covers data from over 10,000 Asians — distinct academic and artistic talent markers are revealed, enhancing the understanding of talent distribution. Personalised DNA reports which indicate a child's academic and artistic strengths are then compared to the wider Asian population.

This data aids educators and psychologists in designing individualised learning plans, ensuring targeted and effective education strategies for each child. Dr. Choo was quick to reaffirm however, that this data was strictly for educational and consultation purposely only, and not a measure by which to compare and pit children against each other. Through these consultations, parents gain valuable insights into their child's natural qualities, allowing them to fine-tune their parenting approach for maximum effectiveness.

Categorised into three groups; Red, Yellow, and Green, for normal, intermediate, and stronger abilities respectively, for individual talents, the genetic analysis also allows parents to narrow their focus and create a lesson plan that is tailored as closely as possible to their child’s natural leanings and abilities.

Following its success in Singapore, Nutrigene services are now available in the Malaysian market. The company is excited to bring its cutting-edge technology and expertise to educate parents

To learn more about Nutrigene and its benefits for your child's physical, psychological, and psychosocial development, book a free online consultation via their Facebook or website, or visit Nutrigene's booth at the upcoming Mummys Market expo. This marks Nutrigene's second participation in this event, which will take place on October 6-8 at Singapore Expo Hall 5.

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