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Stronger and Smarter Kids Learn and Explore More

Anmum Essential Gold’s newly improved children’s milk formula features Probio DR10™~, Highest DHA level#, and Gangliosides. Support your child’s immune system and brain development today!

As parents guide their growing children through pre-school years, the worry about frequent illness can be a common concern. These illnesses may affect a child’s concentration, leading to cognitive fatigue and difficulty engaging in complex cognitive tasks that may affect their overall learning ability. Recognizing this challenge, Anmum Essential Gold formulated milk powder for children has recently improved its formulation to offer a robust blend of important nutrients. The brand aims to help parents worry less and nurture children to have more adventures every day!

Studies showed that a child can experience as many as 7 to 10 colds[1] and 3 to 6 fevers[2] each year. Frequent illness may cast a shadow on a child’s ability to concentrate, causing parents to worry about missed opportunities for learning and exploration. Anmum Essential Gold's newly improved children’s milk formula is scientifically formulated with a combination of Probio DR10™~, Gangliosides, and the highest DHA level#. These key nutrients and functional food help support children’s immune system and brain development. Parents can now empower their children’s immune system and foster their brain development!

Dr. Yong Junina Fadzil, Consultant Paediatrician and Paediatric Cardiologist of Pakar Kanak-Kanak Junina emphasizes the significance of specific nutrients in children’s diet to fuel a child’s growth and cognitive development during their formative years.

“A well-balanced diet, incorporating fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, milk and dairy products, as well as whole grains, plays a pivotal role in providing essential nutrients. Parents can also include other functional foods like scientifically researched probiotic strains and prebiotics to support the well-being of the children.”

One of the examples of scientifically researched probiotic strain, Bifidobacterium lactis HN019, is recognized for enhancing immune cells' responses to fight against bad bacteria, maintaining a good gut balance, and promoting digestive health.

“If the gut barrier of your child is not as strong, they will be more likely to pick up nasty bugs which can lead to illness. By supporting the growth of good bacteria in your child’s gut, you can help build their immunity and keep them feeling energetic and not miss out on classes. A child with a robust immune system not only has the potential for more learning opportunities but also has more time to explore and grow,” says Dr. Yong Junina.

Other than a good body immune system to help the child stay protected, she also highlights that a child’s brain undergoes its most significant growth in the early childhood years, setting the foundation for future learning and success in school.

“A child’s brain develops rapidly in the first 1-5 years of their life, laying the foundation for future cognitive growth. During these crucial five years, exposure to and interaction with sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and textures help the child form vital connections in their brains, critical for lifelong learning and development.”

“DHA is essential for the growth and functional development of the brain in children. As the brain develops rapidly, DHA plays a crucial role in memory and learning by supporting the structural integrity and functional processes within the brain[3],” she added.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, it is recommended for a daily intake of 100 to 150mg of EPA and DHA for children 2 to 4-years-old, 150 to 200mg for 4 to 6-years-old, and 200 to 250mg for 6 to 10-years-old.

Dr. Yong Junina also added that although DHA plays a crucial role in supporting brain development, children require more than just DHA for proper cognitive function. This is where Gangliosides comes into play. She explains, “Gangliosides contribute to the formation of connections between brain cells and facilitate the transfer of messages among them. Additionally, they play a role in stabilizing the myelin sheath, which is like an insulating layer around brain cells, thereby accelerating message transmission in the brain.”

The new Anmum Essential Gold is the world’s only brand[4] with Probio DR10™~, the highest DHA level#, and Gangliosides. Puan Megawati Suzari, NPD, Scientific & Reg. Affairs Director of Fonterra Brands (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd elaborated, “When children grow up strong and have a robust immune system, they can enjoy more learning time, explore more, and learn better. Therefore, it is very important for parents to provide a strong foundation for their children by supplying appropriate stimulation and good nutrition so that they can become stronger and smarter.”

Studies have showed that DHA and Gangliosides play roles in supporting IQ development[5] and memory formation[6],[7]. “A glass of Anmum Essential Gold Step 3 provides 50mg of DHA. Consuming three glasses in a day provides 150 mg of DHA, meeting the recommended daily intake of DHA+EPA for children aged 2 to 6 years as specified by the Food and Agriculture Organization,” Pn. Mega shared.

Additionally, studies showed that the unique blend of Probio DR10™~, and Prebiotic has been proven to reduce respiratory infections by an impressive 35%[8] and minimize fever days[9] in children. When your child is stronger from the inside, leads to more adventurous moments.

As a company rooted in dairy farming since 1954, Fonterra underscores its commitment to excellence. Through continual refinement of processes, embracing cutting-edge technologies, and unwavering dedication, Fonterra is proud to provide nutritional products of the highest quality from grass to glass.

Your child’s holistic development starts with good nutrition and proper stimulation, let’s nurture your child STRONGER and SMARTER as we usher in the New Year. The newly improved Anmum Essential Gold Step 3 children’s milk formula is suitable for children 1 year and above. It is now retailing at major supermarkets nationwide and e-commerce platforms, with the recommended retail pricing of RM47.00 for 550g and RM91.00 for 1.1kg.

~ Bifidobacterium lactis HN019 | *With proper stimulation and good nutrition.
# Compared to the product label at major brands of formulated milk powder for children as of July 2023.
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