Home Coway Lifestyle Experience Clean Household Water with Coway Outdoor Filter
Home Coway Lifestyle Experience Clean Household Water with Coway Outdoor Filter

Experience Clean Household Water with Coway Outdoor Filter

Coway Malaysia Unveils the Ultimate Home Water Solution

Coway, the Best Life Solution Company continues to prioritise the well-being of Malaysian households with its latest innovation - Coway Outdoor Filter. This new addition to Coway's product line addresses the crucial need for clean household water before entering our homes, providing the holistic home water solution.

Water treatment plants process raw water from rivers and channel treated water to households nationwide through sophisticated piping network. As water travels through underground pipes, it might encounter rust, soil and damaged pipelines which may directly or indirectly impact the water quality received by households in Malaysia and potentially affect your daily domestic activities.

To broaden access to clean water, Coway is dedicated in delivering top-notch solutions through outdoor water filters by eliminating contaminants such as sediment, rust, and harmful bacteria by the time it reaches the household. With an impressive flow rate capacity of 3,200 L/H to 3,300L/H, it efficiently filters out impurities even under high demand, safeguarding your family’s well-being against potential threats posed by compromised water quality.

The recommended water pressure for installing an ordinary outdoor water filter usually falls within the range of 40 to 80 pounds per square inch (psi) to guarantee optimal functioning and efficiency. Deviating from this range may compromise the filter's performance and potentially result in issues. Notably, the Coway Outdoor Filter stands out by accommodating low water pressure situations, assuring Malaysian households of clean water accessibility even with pressures as low as 15 psi. It can be mounted either vertically or horizontally, offering the flexibility to be installed on the wall or as a free-standing unit on the floor.

The Coway Outdoor Filter distinguishes itself with an Easy-to-Use 4-Way Multiport Valve, providing users with comprehensive water control at their fingertips. This durable filter is equipped with a user-friendly lever, facilitating seamless transitions between four distinct modes. The Filter Mode ensures a continuous supply of crystal-clean, filtered water to your home. In Bypass Mode, the system allows for the provision of unfiltered, raw water supply. Engaging the Backwash Mode performs a thorough flush, effectively eliminating impurities from the filter. For a swift removal of remaining impurities post-Backwash, the Fast Rinse Mode offers rapid rinsing. This innovative valve system guarantees the utmost convenience and control over your water purification process.

Although water impurities may not be apparent to the naked eye, their potential effects on our health should not be disregarded, possibly resulting in problems like hair loss or dry, flaky skin. The Coway Outdoor Filter employs a system made from polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) ultrafiltration membrane, using an inside-out concept to effectively filter the raw water source to remove dirt and impurities as small as 0.01 micron, targeting up to 10 different types of impurities like bacteria, colloids, rust, suspended matter, sediment and more.

The Coway Outdoor Filter boasts an upgraded automated system complete with a timer that enjoys a 20% longer battery lifespan. This timer ensures periodic system flushing for optimal cleanliness. Additionally, notable improvements include a larger LCD screen, four user-friendly watering settings, and increased flexibility in time and frequency adjustments. Remarkably, the timer is designed to be water-resistant, capable of withstanding rain and splashes.

Demonstrating an unwavering commitment to maintaining outdoor filter systems and the well-being of customers, Coway Heart Service is the epitome of dedicated care. Executed by the diligent Coway Lady (CODY), this regular service prioritises the enduring performance of filtration systems. Emphasising continuous improvement, customer feedback serves as the catalyst for enhancements, ensuring sustained product reliability. At the heart of Coway's mission is a steadfast dedication to customer satisfaction and safety, providing unparalleled support for peace of mind.

The Coway Outdoor Filter is specifically designed to meet the critical need for purified water directly from its source, setting a new benchmark for accessible clean water. This product underscores Coway's steadfast dedication to improving the quality of life for Malaysians, marking a significant step towards a healthier, more sustainable future.

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