Home Technology Yes Say Yes to better deals with Yes 5G’s 12-Month Infinite Plans and Pakej SuperJimat
Home Technology Yes Say Yes to better deals with Yes 5G’s 12-Month Infinite Plans and Pakej SuperJimat

Say Yes to better deals with Yes 5G’s 12-Month Infinite Plans and Pakej SuperJimat

Is your Telco charging you more for less? Break up now and enjoy better savings with Yes 5G

Tired of empty promises and bloated bills from your current telco? Make the smarter choice and say Yes to Yes 5G's 12-Month Infinite Postpaid plans, where you can enjoy uncapped data and speed at only RM38/month. Yes 5G’s RAHMAH plans will also remain accessible to Malaysians, now known as Pakej SuperJimat.

12-Months: Low-maintenance, unmatched value
Yes 5G’s Infinite plans are going even lower than before, with its 12-month Infinite postpaid plans offering Malaysians an entire year of unparalleled affordability, while still maintaining its hallmark offerings of uncapped data and network speed.

The Infinite Basic plan, which is currently available at RM58/month without a contract, is now more affordable at a jaw-dropping RM38/month, which means more savings, uncapped data, and uncapped speed for fewer ringgits spent.

To sweeten the deal, all of Yes 5G’s Infinite plans now also offer unlimited 5G roaming and calls in Singapore, allowing you to enjoy limitless connectivity when you’re across the causeway as well!

Continuing to offer the best deals with Pakej SuperJimat
Yes 5G’s Pakej SuperJimat will replace the RAHMAH Packages that ended on March 31st. Pakej SuperJimat offers the most affordable 5G phones on a 24-month contract. With SuperJimat Power 35, these phones are bundled with the lowest rate plans in the market, from only RM35/month, allowing you to enjoy 150GB of 5G and 4G data with uncapped speed and unlimited calls to all networks with your brand new 5G device. Alternatively, Malaysians can also go for the SuperJimat Infinite Basic, which is priced at RM58/month, but offers uncapped data and speeds, additional data for your hotspot needs, and unlimited calls as well.

With the newly rebranded plans, take your pick of 5G devices as Pakej SuperJimat features a variety of 5G phones to choose from, including brands like HONOR, OPPO, realme, Samsung, vivo and ZTE. You can pick up the ZTE Blade A73 5G at only RM139 with the SuperJimat Power 35 or enjoy it for free when you subscribe to SuperJimat Infinite Basic.

While the RAHMAH plans were initially part of a government collaboration, Yes 5G recognises their importance in providing widespread 5G access. Therefore, the introduction of Pakej SuperJimat aims to continue this legacy by offering affordable device prices and low monthly mobile plan rates, making 5G connectivity more accessible to Malaysians.

"As pioneers in the 5G landscape, we offer the fastest uncapped 5G data with the most affordable prices, and with the best overall value. We are also expanding our 5G services across Malaysia by championing 5G accessibility to provide '5G for All' as our mission. As part of our mission of enabling ‘5G for All’, we also do not believe in the concept of FUPs- as we believe that every Malaysian has the right to uncapped 5G access.

We urge Malaysians to reevaluate their current relationships with their telco providers: Are you truly getting the value and service you were promised? Because if you are feeling trapped in overpriced relationships with restrictive data quotas and speed caps with your telcos, now's your chance to break free with Yes 5G and experience the difference firsthand." said Wing K. Lee, CEO of YTL Communications Sdn Bhd.

Break up with your telco now
In a world where the cost of living is rising relentlessly, why should you settle for sky-high telephone bills? Say Yes and start saving big while still being able to enjoy uncapped speed and data! It's time to cut the cord with overpriced telcos and tie the knot with Yes 5G.

Find out more about Yes 5G’s newest Infinite 12-Month Plans here and Pakej SuperJimat here, or locate your nearest Yes 5G store here to inquire more about porting over to Yes 5G.

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