Home Aviary Bintaro Travel Aviary Bintaro Presents Many Surprises In May In Celebration Of 7th Birthday
Home Aviary Bintaro Travel Aviary Bintaro Presents Many Surprises In May In Celebration Of 7th Birthday

Aviary Bintaro Presents Many Surprises In May In Celebration Of 7th Birthday

To welcome their 7th birthday, Aviary Bintaro focuses on various surprises for guests that are prepared for all of May.

Blood Donation – Carried Out Once Every Three Months

The first event begins with Blood Donation, the opening sequence for the various activities this May. Working together with Palang Merah Indonesia (PMI) Kota Tangerang Selatan, Aviary Bintaro carried out a Blood Donation which is a part of the Social Activities that is held once every three months and attended by the 10th Air Defense Artillery – Bintaro, South Tangerang, guests, staff members, and companies around the hotel area, reaching ninety (90) blood bags.

In collaboration with Aviary Park Indonesia, we provide 1 (one) FREE TICKET for children for all overnight guests until end of May 2024. Aviary Park Indonesia, acts as an Aviary conservation center which is equipped with a mini zoo and has 5 (five) different ecosystems, such as Desert, Savana, Lake, Rain Forest and Swamp. Aviary Park Indonesia also offers various interesting experiences between educational and family entertainment that focuses on the world of nature, birds, and unique animals.

Lake Tours at Aviary Park Indonesia

In Aviary Park Indonesia, visitors will have a chance to interact directly with various animals from numerous kinds of ecosystems and show bird collections that are protected in Indonesia, as well as other unique animals. This brings an unforgettable experience for guests of every age.

On the other hand, to complete the happiness upon the 7th Birthday of Aviary Bintaro, we prepared various surprises starting from room package offers with a discount of 10% using our official website: www.aviaryhotel.com and a 20% discount to dine in Starling Eatery this whole month for choices of all a-la-carte menu.

Get 20% OFF Only for this May

Located in Starling Eatery, we will again present Betawi Culture on the second week of every month. For this month, the event falls on Saturday, 11th May 2024 from 08.00-10.00 WIB, showcasing various unique arts of Betawi from Lenong Betawi to various dishes and special drinks from the region of Betawi, only Rp200.000net/person.

Completing various interesting events, we present an outdoor activity with Fly Free Day on Sunday, 19th May from 06.00-09.00 WIB. Fly Free Day is a part of Car Free Day Bintaro Jaya which is held every third week of the month. We also prepared exercises together in the main street for the public. No less interesting is the all-you-can-eat breakfast promotion with a variety of food and drink menu choices for only IDR 100,000++/person.

Fly Free Day – Carried out once every three (3) months

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