Home Lifestyle TikTok TikTok Shop Turns Two: Celebrating Milestones and Unveiling Exciting Deals
Home Lifestyle TikTok TikTok Shop Turns Two: Celebrating Milestones and Unveiling Exciting Deals

TikTok Shop Turns Two: Celebrating Milestones and Unveiling Exciting Deals

  • TikTok Shop recognizes successes such as Tiffany and Uncle Siang's entrepreneurial efforts on the platform to date and dives into the resilience and innovation that has driven them this far
  • Join TikTok Shop's three-week long second-year celebration in Malaysia that promises to be a thrilling experience for all

TikTok Shop Malaysia is excited to announce and celebrate its second birthday in Malaysia, marking the biggest occasion for the leading e-commerce platform. As they celebrate, the platform is also reflecting on a journey of growth not only for itself but also for the community. Since its launch, TikTok Shop has revolutionized e-commerce by blending entertainment with seamless shopping experiences, becoming a cornerstone for local businesses and creative entrepreneurs.

A Year of Growth and Milestones
Reflecting on the past year, TikTok Shop Malaysia has achieved significant milestones in empowering local sellers and creators. At the TikTok Shop Summit 2023, we boosted support with increased subsidies and 0% commission on certain purchases. Our 11.11 Sales Campaign saw a nearly 100% sales increase, featuring the "TikTok Shop 11.11 Mega Live Showdown," which enhanced creator sales by up to 587%. Creator Khairul Aming set a Malaysia Book of Records title for the fastest RM1 million in sales during a live stream. Additionally, our partnership with MDEC through a two-month LIVE stream competition significantly boosted sales and visibility for 70 local entrepreneurs. These key moments highlight our commitment to fostering e-commerce growth in Malaysia.

These achievements have not only transformed the platform but have also paved the way for numerous local success stories. Let’s delve into the inspiring journeys of some of our standout sellers and creators who have thrived on TikTok Shop Malaysia.

From Fashion Dreamer to TikTok Shop Powerhouse - Moncherilive

Tiffany Lee, known as Moncherilive on TikTok, has carved her niche in the fashion market with her affordable yet chic and modern Muslimah wear. Her journey on TikTok Shop began in June 2022, and despite setbacks and financial constraints, Tiffany persevered, eventually finding her stride with Moncherilive. Participating in campaigns like Raya 2024 has proven to be fruitful for Tiffany, with Moncherilive securing the Top 2 creator awards and experiencing a 20% increase in sales, live orders, and follower growth. At TikTok Shop's inaugural Summit 2023, she was recognized as one of the top Affiliate Creators on the platform. Tiffany's outstanding contributions have earned her multiple recognitions, including Best Performing Creators during TikTok Shop Seller Summit 2023 and Top 2 Creator at Bazar Ramadan Raya 2024.

From Hardware Hype to E-Commerce Stardom - Uncle Siang

Known as Uncle Siang on TikTok, Tang Siew Siang has gained fame for his viral product review content. With a focus on offering affordable yet high-quality products, Uncle Siang embarked on his TikTok Shop journey in July 2022. Uncle Siang garnered a loyal following by creating engaging demonstration videos, sharing expert tips, and showcasing the functionality of his products. His content style has quickly established him as a trusted source of expertise in his niche. As a creator, he seamlessly integrates lifestyle content with product demonstrations, providing users an immersive shopping experience. Despite facing a temporary setback in sales, Uncle Siang's perseverance paid off, with his account rebounding and achieving consistent success. His dedication has yielded impressive results, earning him recognition as the 2nd Top Creator of the year 2023.

Tiffany and Uncle Siang's stories showcase the transformative power of resilience and innovation in the digital marketplace. Both creators exemplify the dynamic possibilities of TikTok Shop, showcasing how dedication, creativity, and adaptability can pave the way for entrepreneurial success in the digital age.

As part of the second birthday celebration, TikTok Shop is set to ignite a three-week festivities, beginning with the TikTok Shop 6.6 Countdown campaign and concluding with the TikTok Shop 6.6 Birthday Fiesta. From themed days like Crazy Friday to Super Creator Days, users are promised an immersive fusion of entertainment and shopping delights. With daily free shipping deals, exclusive vouchers, and brand weekends showcasing top-tier offers, the celebration embodies TikTok Shop's commitment to empowering local businesses and rewarding loyal customers.

"As TikTok Shop celebrates its second birthday, it reaffirms our commitment to empowering local businesses and fostering a supportive community. We look forward to continuing its journey of innovation and growth, providing even more opportunities for sellers and shoppers in Malaysia," shares Nur Aisya binti Rosly, Marketing Communication Lead at TikTok Shop Malaysia.

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