From 17th April to 15th May 2019, get creative and join the #EraofLIVE challenge on TikTok and be a talent in the “Milikmu” vertical music video alongside our hottest local artists – Nabila Razali, Haqiem Rusli and Ismail Izzani!

Join now in just six (6) simple steps:
  1. Join #EraofLIVE Challenge on TikTok and tap “add song”
  2. Search “Milikmu”
  3. Dance and record the video
  4. Publish your entry on TikTok with the hashtag #EraofLIVE
  5. Make sure your profile is set to public
  6. Share the video on your social platforms!
On top of that, the #EraofLIVE campus truck is coming to local campuses featuring special artist appearances so you can join the #EraofLIVE challenge together with them! All TikTok submissions during the campus roadshows will be entitled to a special gift.

For more information on Samsung’s #EraofLIVE Challenge, please visit