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Nafalia Corporation presents Showtime 1958

The untold stories of Jalan Ampas studio.

At one time, Singapore was the movie hub where many Malay movie stars were discovered. However, in the 1950s with the emergence of black and white television as an alternative source of entertainment as well as the influx of foreign films into local cinemas, the Malay film industry slowed down which resulted in the closure of Jalan Ampas Studio after it being in operation for nearly 20 years. The struggles of these film stars will be featured in a periodic film titled 'Showtime 1958'. Written and directed by Anwardi Jamil, 'Showtime 1958' is inspired by the true events shared by the late Datuk Jamil Sulong.

'Showtime 1958' features several stories that unfold during a twenty-four hour period which takes place on an important date for the movie stars at Jalan Ampas Studio at that time. 1958 was a year where tough choices had to be made for many of the artistes involved as their careers were adversely affected when Malay Film Productions was troubled with financial difficulties. Those artistes who came from Malaya left Jalan Ampas Studio and returned to join Merdeka Film Studio which was established after Malaya achieved independence. Shah Iskandar, Amai Kamaruddin, Josiah Lim, Fatin Afifah, Bell Ngasri and Mubarak Majid have been casted for the roles in 'Showtime 1958’, Nafalia’s first feature film although having years of experience in producing drama series and shows for local television stations.

'Showtime 1958' is scheduled to start filming on June 17, 2019 and is targeted for cinema release in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei in early 2020.

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