Panasonic introduced a new line up of Living series and a new range of Panasonic Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner in an event conducted in Vipod Residences Kuala Lumpur. An extensive show was put up in the hub area to showcase the extensive range of Living products that Panasonic has to offer.

The Managing Director of Panasonic Malaysia, Mr. Cheng Chee Chung said, “The demand for cordless stick vacuum cleaner has been steadily growing, due to the convenience provided by the cordless feature and more sophisticated features being added to the product. The cordless stick vacuum sales volume is around 32% of the total vacuum cleaner sales volume. As running time for stick vacuum cleaner increases, many consumers are switching to cordless stick vacuum cleaner as their main vacuum cleaner for their daily usage”.

“We have successfully achieved powerful suction, long runtime, easy to use while being able to provide a clean and comfortable space with this new Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, befitting our effort in enhancing the lifestyle of Malaysian”, Cheng added.

As the trend changed, fast paced lifestyle have caused the shifting in market demand from normal household vacuum to Stick Vacuum. Many consumers are switching to stick cordless vacuum cleaner and it is Panasonic’s strength to make life easier, better.
Power Cordless with Panasonic Living New line up series revealed, enhancing the total range of Panasonic Living products

Some of the key features that were introduced:
  • Achieved 200W suction power, highest in the history of Panasonic through the newly developed high power motor.
  • Runs up to 65 mins, longest in the product category with its 8 large capacity Lithium Ion battery
  • House dust sensor that detects up to 20μm, the size of a dust mite to improve the cleanliness of living area.
  • Full Capture Nozzle that cleans up corner and edges efficiently through its unique design and capable of cleaning all types of flooring
  • First Household Appliance to use cellulose fiber resin and achieved a weight of 2.6kg only

Also present were the famous KOLs and their appearance were indeed meaningful as they shared with the public on their cleaning tips using Panasonic Living products. This indeed solidifies Panasonic products as the perfect tool for your lifestyle.