Home Get Help from USJ Optometrist for Color Blindness Problem
Home Get Help from USJ Optometrist for Color Blindness Problem

Get Help from USJ Optometrist for Color Blindness Problem

Are you able to identify all the numbers from above photo?
Fun fact
  • Above test that has been around for more than 100 years is called as Ishihara's Test and it is the most well known color blindness test. Each of his tests consists of a set of colored dotted plates, each of them showing either a number or a path. 
  • Since then this is the most widely used color vision deficiency test and still used by most optometrists and ophthalmologists all around the world.There are other color blindness tests available, but none of them is as famous as the Ishihara plates. 
  • It is also well known, that even people with normal color vision sometimes struggle with this test.

So what is color blindness? Is all people with color blind only see black and white? Even though it's called color blindness, this visual impairment is not as simple as just seeing black and white. There are three types of color blindness, namely

  • Red-Green Color Blindness is the most common types of hereditary color blindness are due to the loss or limited function of red cone (known as protan) or green cone (deutran) photopigments. 
  • Blue-Yellow Color Blindness is rarer than red-green color blindness. Blue-cone (tritan) photopigments are either missing or have limited function.
  • Complete color blindness is people with complete color blindness (monochromacy) and they don’t experience color at all and the clearness of their vision (visual acuity) may also be affected. 

Treatment for Color Blindness
There is no known cure for color blindness at the moment. However, there are special contact lenses and glasses that may help. ChromaGen consisting of contact lenses and special glasses with specific color filters that help to enhance the color tone and make it easier to distinguish defective colors. 

ChromaGen can help all color vision deficiency to pass the Ishihara test in medical exam, JPJ driving theory test, university entrance test and even police & army test. 

Where to get it?
The help is available in USJ Optometrist, they have ready stock which you can get them immediately on the same day you visit them. It's better to make an appointment just to make sure they are open, many color vision deficiency have gone to them for urgent help. 

 28, Ground Floor, Jalan USJ 10/1E, 
Taipan Business Centre
47620 Subang Jaya
 Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tel: +60380119038
Email/ Facebook: usjoptometrist@yahoo.com
Business Hour: Monday to Saturday (11.00 am to 9.00 pm)
Sunday (11.00 am - 7.00 pm)

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