Home fave Lifestyle Celebrate Merdeka 2019 With Malaysia's 10 Fave-ourite Brands
Home fave Lifestyle Celebrate Merdeka 2019 With Malaysia's 10 Fave-ourite Brands

Celebrate Merdeka 2019 With Malaysia's 10 Fave-ourite Brands

Fave brings you 10 amazing F&B deals and cashback options to make this Merdeka even more memorable
Selamat Hari Merdeka! To celebrate our nation’s 62nd birthday, Fave is bringing you Malaysia’s favourite brands to provide the best way for you to shop, spend and save when you use Fave. Enjoy deals and up to 10% cashback and celebrate one of the best things about being Malaysian - The wonderful gastronomical culture of food and drinks that weaves and binds us all together!
A manufacturer of halal festive and traditional biscuits and snacks, Milky Way has the perfect set of treats if you’re looking to host this Merdeka Day. Enjoy up to 50% value deals ranging from cookies to durian snowskin mooncakes, place your order with Fave and head down to Happy Mansion, to redeem these affordable yet tasty treats!
Of course, we can! Malaysia Boleh at Four Seasons Place brings authentic Malaysian hawker food with a taste of nostalgia.  The go-to food court offers some of the best hawkers from Penang Prawn Noodles to Ipoh Chicken Rice to Klang Bak Kut Teh.  There is no better place and time to celebrate the uniquely eclectic and diverse flavours of Malaysia this Merdeka. With more than 14 stalls to test the limits of your appetite, be prepared to get your feast on and enjoy up to 5% cashback when you pay with Fave!
A fan favourite in Ipoh, halal-certified Foh San whips up some of the best mooncakes and Cantonese dim sum in Malaysia, along with other exquisite dishes that they serve out of their humble yet homely Ipoh restaurant. The perfect setting for dining with friends and family, pay with Fave to enjoy 3% cashback and enjoy their delectable range of dishes or gift away the mooncake for the upcoming Mooncake Festival.

Nam Heong Ipoh works very hard to preserve Ipoh culinary heritage.  From their classic and creamy white coffee, Ipoh prawn mee and Nam Heong signature egg tart, Nam Heong Ipoh is a gastronomic go-to for all Malaysians this Merdeka Day. Chow down on their Ipoh influenced spread and enjoy up to 4% cashback when you pay with Fave.

Chendul has become the unofficial superstar of Penang cuisine.  Enjoy the classic Chendul, add a dash of Durian this durian season or with smooth-white coffee for an additional chendul twist.  An integral part of Malaysia’s food identity, celebrate the dessert this national holiday with Fave!  Grab a bowl at Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul with your loved ones and enjoy 5% cashback! A delectable sweet deal you definitely shouldn't miss out on!
There’s nothing better on a hot, humid day in the sometimes hazy August than the brand that brought the ‘cha’ to teatime, Chatime. The iconic Taiwanese brand that is synonymous with many Malaysians has everything from freshly brewed teas to milk-based staples. Pay with Fave and enjoy 10% cashback available at over 19 locations across Malaysia, you will be spoilt for choice with their range of toppings such as coconut jelly, malt and aloe vera.
An amalgamation of Hainanese culture and traditional Malaysian tradition, Kluang Station offers a boldness in taste and rich aroma that draws in local Hainanese coffee connoisseurs as well as those in search of classic Malaysian dishes, with a modern cafe-twist.  With its trendy setting and outstanding food, celebrate Merdeka Day at a Kluang Station near you and enjoy up to 10% cashback when you pay with Fave!
From mooncakes to some of the best, freshly brewed tea. Purple Cane serves its patrons some amazingly light & refreshing meals all based around the flavour of tea while remaining healthy. With restaurants all across Malaysia, be sure to stop by a Purple Cane near you to enjoy 5% cashback when you pay with Fave!

With a vibrant range of Nyonya delicacies, Nyonya colours celebrates its unique Peranakan heritage through its special deals this Merdeka Day. In an unassuming and comfortable setting, the brand strives to serve the best value deals that you can find. Just head over and pay with Fave to explore their four deals this Merdeka day including a Nyonya Meal with drinks & dessert for two that is RM30! 
You think you have the talent?  Showcase your talent and sing your Fave(ourite) songs at the Red Box.  This Merdeka Day, aspiring crooners stand to enjoy 5% cashback when you pay with Fave at select Red Box outlets.  Enjoy the delectable food available at the Red Box and sing your heart out with your family and friends.  With deals ranging from beer promotions to family packages, Red Box has something for everyone!

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