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MMspot Experiential Expo at Mid Valley

MMspot is a Digital Rewards Platform with more than a million users across the region at the forefront of constant innovations in consumer experiences. Today, MMspot proudly introduces its brand-new reward points integrated mobile operating app in Malaysia. This app is to be brought to Malaysians and foreign visitors to experience up close the new disruptive model of the app.

In order for users to experience the app, MMspot is launching their first consumer starter pack called “SATAY”. Users can choose to purchase the starter pack for only RM100 and receive e-Vouchers (eV) worth RM300. These e-Vouchers can be used on any MMspot collaborator platforms. Users can gain reward points when they spend and save with their e-Vouchers. The reward points they accumulate can also be eventually converted to e-Vouchers.

By concluding all the above through the MMspot ecosystem, the value of the e-Vouchers will also be multiplied through earned e-VCP (e-Voucher Consumer Points) reward point conversions. Users can also get at least a 10% rebate when they spend their e-Vouchers. They can even transfer the e- Vouchers to their friends and family members.
Basically, with the use of e-Vouchers on MMspot, users can Shop more, Save more, and Earn more; thus contributing towards the bigdata sharing community that enables MMspot to further enrich the digital lifestyle of those users.

With the sustainable ecosystem and user experience data built from the In-community of “SATAY” users; MMspot exposes a working opportunity to brand owners or enterprises with loyalty rewards to assist their loyal customers with adding value to their earned reward points. MMspot will allow their existing users to make use of their unused reward points by converting them to e-Vouchers.

Moreover, it introduces a value preposition for users to utilize their long-accumulated points fully. MMspot is also introducing a sustainable ecosystem with collaborators that is already available on their app. Here are the MMspot collaborator platforms listed below:
  • Online Shopping Platform – Mbooster e-Voucher (eVM)
  • Event Management & Concerts – MacpiePro e-Voucher (eVP)
  • F&B Retail Listing Platform – JioBuddy e-Voucher (eVJ)
  • Real Estate Property Listing Platform – Ridgez e-Voucher (eVR)
  • Education Path Matching Platform – Evetag e-Voucher (eVE)
  • Retail Business Rejuvenation Platform – JioJioGo e-Voucher (eVO)
  • Automotive Convergence Resale Platform - VeTag e-Voucher (VCV)
  • Vacation Platform – GoTogether e-Voucher (eVT)

MMspot also enables one of Malaysia’s mobile telco’ sin providing a telco management feature to all Mcalls subscribers. It allows Mcalls subscribers to monitor and manage their Mcalls telco plans and subscribers can also get 7% rewards if they top-up and reload by themselves.

In-order for the Malaysian public and foreign visitors to experience the app, MMspot is holding their “MMspot Experiential Expo” at the Mid Valley Megamall Exhibition Centre, Hall 3 on the 3rd and 4th of August from 11am to 7pm. The expo will allow the public to experience the first-hand user-case of the MMspot app.

Everyone gets a chance to try out the various functions currently available through MMspot using e- Vouchers. Users can purchase F&B Cash Vouchers (FCV) at JioBuddy, their preferred concert tickets at MacpiePro, shop online at Mbooster, and access other MMspot functions from the convenience of a single mobile app. Additionally, Ridgez and JioJioGo is also launching their respective service today in order to enrich the lives of MMspot users.

The various companies providing their services on the app will also be at the expo to help people understand their business model better and how to make use of their e-Vouchers through the MMspot app.

The MMspot Experiential Expo also offers exclusive deals as well as giveaways for the public, including free e-Vouchers (eV) that they can use on the MMspot app making it an event that shouldn’t be missed out on. For more info, please download the app or log on to mmspot.com.

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