Proceeds from the partnership with Watsons Malaysia for the ‘Save Water’ campaign is channelled to the Dignity for Children Foundation in support of children’s education
Malaysians use an average of 210 litres of water a day, which is higher than the recommended 165 litres consumption by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Data shows that water scarcity affects four out of every ten people, hence there is an urgency to continuously educate Malaysians on the need to save water.

As advocates for efficient water consumption, Colgate-Palmolive Malaysia continued its ‘Save Water’ campaign by reinforcing smart water usage habits amongst children. By getting them to simply #TurnOffTheTap while brushing their teeth, children can play an active role in saving approximately 15 litres of water through their daily routine – an imperative step to create increased awareness on the importance of saving water.

Last year, Colgate-Palmolive Malaysia collaborated with Watsons Malaysia and the Dignity for Children Foundation. The Dignity for Children Foundation worked closely with Colgate to educate their school children on the importance of water conservation aimed to help them grow as better individuals with fulfilling lives. The partnership with Watsons Malaysia is imperative as the amount raised from purchases will help many underprivileged children receive a well-rounded education. It is hoped that this good cause will inculcate in the children the habit of contributing back to the society in the future for the good of improved lives for future generations.

Mobilizing Malaysians to the Cause for A Better Future 
Entering its third year, Colgate’s partnership with Watsons Malaysia for the ‘Save Water’ campaign underlined the belief that education plays an integral role in reducing water wastage by adopting simple water-smart habits. With this campaign, Colgate and Watsons Malaysia provided shoppers with the avenue to give back to the community and learn a thing or two about water conservation.

For every purchase of Colgate products worth RM15 in any Watsons store throughout the month of September, RM0.20 was contributed to the Dignity for Children Foundation. In total, this campaign successfully raised RM10,000 for the foundation.

Throughout the campaign, Colgate visited 914 children from 15 schools in 9 days within the Klang Valley, including the Dignity for Children Foundation, to impart the importance of water conservation via interactive activities to reduce unnecessary water consumption. Children in all schools were also provided with oral care kits and taught effective brushing techniques to reduce water usage and encourage good oral hygiene from an early age.

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