The picture was taken during the official launch of Thaipusam at Batu Caves. Mr Balagurun0athan (Special Assistant) on the left, followed by Mr. Melvin Lam, CEO and Co Founder of ACTnow on the middle and Chief Officer of FRU on the right.
In the official launch of Thaipusam celebration, ACTnow distributed a few thousand of face mask to the devotees at Batu Caves. This community event is aim to keep the devotees safe from any form of viruses and infections.

There were more than thousands of people involved in this celebration and all the face masks were distributed within hours and the response was terrific. It is glad to know that most of the people are well aware of wearing masks in public places because they know that prevention is better than cure.

It was a great honour that the chairman Tan Sri R.Nadarajah, Mr. Sethu (Hon.Secretary) and Mr. Balaguru (Special Assistant) agreed to our community event by allowing us to do it despite the crowd and other activities. This is the first of many community events of ACTnow that will be carried out, with the aim to do more beneficial activities for the community.

With God's blessings and support from the society, ACTnow believes to be committed in creating a better community, a better nation and a better world.