Home GoCar Malaysia: Successful P Licence Campaign Means No Driver Is Left Car-less
Home GoCar Malaysia: Successful P Licence Campaign Means No Driver Is Left Car-less

GoCar Malaysia: Successful P Licence Campaign Means No Driver Is Left Car-less

The success of GoCar's pilot P Licence campaign highlights the need for services that support the entire community. GoCar Malaysia is extending a helping hand by expanding GoCars to all including P Licence holders, starting in April 2020. From conducting daily activities to acting quickly in emergency situations, transportation is an important part of the infrastructure, and GoCar is driven to ensure that crucial services are available to all.

With the majority of students and young adults opting out of buying a car due to the never-ending expenses and long-term responsibilities, the need for affordable, accessible and flexible transport has never been more necessary. The vast majority of car rental services do not allow P Licence holders to rent cars, and this is where GoCar comes in. The pilot phase of the campaign allowed P Licence members to drive selected GoCars from locations within Klang Valley, and quickly proved that demand is high. Since the launch in November 2019, the GoCar App has seen a 500% increase in the number of active P Licence members, with a significant portion of these members aged between 18 – 21 years old.

With the tremendous influx of signups to the campaign and positive reviews, GoCar has pushed car rental norms and made P Licence membership a part of their profile. They made 250 cars available last month in 7 states and will be extending this to all of their cars. Alongside this movement, the GoCar App will ensure that P Licence members can book any GoCars at all locations. To tap into this new feature, members are advised to update their GoCar App to version 3.5.8 in April 2020.

GoCar is actively working with strategic partners to lower the car rates by wrapping GoCars, making services affordable for people from all walks of life. Further striving for social inclusivity in the P Licence campaign, GoCar is offering discounts for P Licence holders who signup between 13th March 2020 and 31st March 2020. Here's how new members can maximise these offers:

Get a total of RM40 off:
  • By signing up using the referral code "USNLYA" (worth RM20).
  • Approved P Licence members will receive an email with their promo code (worth RM20) within a week.

In support of these new developments, Alan Cheah, GoCar's CEO, emphasized, "Our goal is to create affordable mobility options for everyone in the car-sharing community. Through this campaign, we realized the majority of P Licence holders do not own a car and prefer alternative transportation. Now with the P Licence campaign, they have the flexibility of paying and accessing a GoCar as needed."

GoCar's P Licence campaign and contribution ensure that there are options available for everyone. Providing unbiased opportunities and advantages for the betterment of society illustrates that social inclusivity is key to GoCar's identity.

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