Home Stay at Home and Support Local Businesses with “Ramadan bersama Mudah.my”
Home Stay at Home and Support Local Businesses with “Ramadan bersama Mudah.my”

Stay at Home and Support Local Businesses with “Ramadan bersama Mudah.my”

Mudah.my sets aside RM1million of credits to support local businesses

Mudah.my, Malaysia’s Largest Marketplace, has introduced a new initiative to support small and micro businesses via the ‘Ramadan bersama Mudah.my’ campaign. This will enable micro entrepreneurs to effectively connect with customers without the need for both sellers and customers to leave their home.

Mudah.my takes pride in being a Malaysian brand, and this is just one of the marketplace’s many initiatives that reinforces the commitment to its #mudahsupportlocal mission by acting as a supporting platform for Malaysian businesses and ventures. This is especially important during these trying times, when not everyone may have been fully prepared for the swift and undeniable changes that have transpired.

With over 8 million Malaysian users monthly, Mudah.my is humbled to be able to provide a large and well-connected avenue for small and micro businesses to sell their items in the month of Ramadan. Mudah.my has allocated up to RM1million worth of credits to be given to participating sellers in the ‘Ramadan bersama Mudah.my’ campaign. Each participating business will receive RM100 worth of credits which can be utilized to boost visibility and reach on Mudah.my website and apps, and subsequently increase sales. The categories that are included in this campaign are Food, Fashion, Health & Beauty, Bed & Bath, Home Appliances & Kitchenware and Furniture & Decoration.

“According to SME Corp Malaysia, micro, small and medium businesses in Malaysia employ over 66 percent of the Malaysian workforce. We are proud to be able to do our small part to support local businesses and connect our users with their Ramadan necessities at the same time. We hope this initiative will make it easier for everyone to find and support businesses around them during this challenging period”, said Gaurav Bhasin, CEO of Mudah.my.

Interested businesses who want to participate in “Ramadan bersama Mudah.my’ campaign can log on to https://insights.mudah.my/ramadan-bersama-mudah/, email supportlocal@mudah.my or call +603-2284 9701 for more details.

In response to the ongoing battle against COVID-19, Mudah.my aims to counter fake news by curating facts including daily case updates, and has also launched the #mudahdirumah campaign, enabling its employees and fellow Malaysians to show their appreciation for the country’s frontliners who are fighting to keeping us all safe. The campaign’s content is curated on https://insights.mudah.my/.

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