Home PG Mall Introduces Merchant Requirement Incentive To All
Home PG Mall Introduces Merchant Requirement Incentive To All

PG Mall Introduces Merchant Requirement Incentive To All

Introducing consumer and merchant favorite e-commerce platform, www.pgmall.my. Malaysia first No.1 e-commerce platform in Malaysia established in 2017 with ConsuMerchant concept. PG Mall provides the best forever cashback concept to shopper and provides the best buying experience than any other e-commerce platform in Malaysia.

Introduce merchants who have yet to be a part of PG Mall will be rewarded with incentives. Introduce, and get incentives!

If you have friends who like to sell good products or a brand owner, get them onboard with PG Mall under your name to earn special incentive as a token for the effort to successfully introduce or recruit them on-board.

PG Mall gives you different special incentives that are remunerative based on merchant types. Refer image below for more details.

All you need to do is to sign up as a PG Mall member at here and introduce your potential merchant via this link https://bit.ly/RecruitMerchant and get rewarded based on the tier above (Terms and Conditions apply).

Regardless whether a new seller or an experienced seller, PG Mall provides the best platform in increasing sales and marketability. Get your networking ready to enjoy wonderful incentives provided.
PG Mall ranks 3rd in top 50 e-commerce platforms in Malaysia, ensuring you that PG Mall is the best platform in expanding merchants’ brand successfully with 3.2 millions visitors monthly.

Establish in 2017, despite being a relatively new player in the industry, PG Mall show a remarkable sales growth in its initial start-up years, and within a short span of 3 years since its creation, it has gained significant market share to compete on a level playing field with larger and long-established players, mostly foreign-owned online marketplaces in the sector.

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