Home Take Better Care of Yourself When Home Appliances Can Take Care of Themselves
Home Take Better Care of Yourself When Home Appliances Can Take Care of Themselves

Take Better Care of Yourself When Home Appliances Can Take Care of Themselves

It has been a challenging time for many of us, and it’s safe to say most of us have spent time being at home more than we ever had before. Some of us finally have free time to binge-watch long overdue favourite shows on Netflix, connect with friends via video calls, and spend more money when shopping online. Interestingly, it is also during these times that our innate creativity shines, and it shows in how we developed mad skills of a home chef or a barista. The list goes on when it comes to occupying ourselves to stay safe and sane - be it transforming a messy room into an aesthetic space or fixing household stuff on our own.

Engaging in these activities has made us realise how important home appliances are for our daily lives. As a result, we are likely to pay more attention to the appliances that we own, now more than ever.

There are many things we have never expected to do ourselves but end up doing it anyway. This includes managing our home appliances that are a significant part of our daily routine. Like anything else, they have a set life expectancy.

However, did you know there are home appliances that can take care of themselves? In this article, we would like to share some of the convenient features of home appliances that take good care of themselves.

Safer drinking water with self-sanitising water purifier

To generate the fresh, hygienically safe supply of drinking water they were designed to deliver, water purification systems need to be well maintained. LG’s PuriCare™ Tankless water purifier takes the worry out with a built-in UV LED light that activates automatically every hour to prevent the build-up of contaminants, cleaning and sanitising the tap to eliminate 99.9% of harmful germs. Not just that, we can activate the five-minute sanitising process manually by pressing the Self Care button. Now, that’s a clever technology!

Cleaner home environment with self-cleaning air conditioner

Most of us never think about how our air conditioner works. Press a button, cold air blows and voila! When there’s no cold air, that’s when we realise that something is wrong. That something can be the heat exchanger in the air conditioner. The auto cleaning feature in LG’s Dual Inverter Premium Air Conditioner helps to provide clean air by eliminating bacteria, mould and odours that can otherwise accumulate in an indoor unit. How it works?

The auto cleaning function made us easy when it helps to dry the wet heat exchanger, by eliminating humidity, bacteria and mould - resulted air to remain cool, odourless, fresher air to breathe in and a smile to our face. No further action required, nice!

Self-diagnose appliances to tell you real-time condition
Feeling anxious about what you can do if there is something wrong with your appliances? Fret not – LG’s Smart Diagnosis™ has got your back. It could tell you what is wrong with your home appliances.

For instance, you can simply allow your refrigerator to communicate with your smartphone using the control panel:

  • Holding the lock button on control panel for a few seconds
  • Open the right-side door and hold your phone in front of the Smart Diagnosis label.
  • Then, press and hold the ‘FREEZER’ button for 3 seconds while continuing to hold your phone until you hear a beep sound.
  • Keep the phone in place until the tone transmission has finished and ‘END’ will appear on the control panel. 

That’s pretty much it. You can access to the diagnose result and useful information on your smartphone for solving issues through LG’s SmartThinQ app.

There you go, some of the innovative features to lessen our burden of appliance upkeep. Owning great home appliances isn’t enough to guarantee our satisfaction if they are taking too much of our time and effort to preserve. With these features, they can be easier to care for so we can focus on more enjoyable pursuits, such as pampering ourselves with more self-care activities and spending quality time with loved ones at home.

While completely self-maintaining, self-cleaning home appliances may still be years away, home appliances brands like LG are working to ensure that their appliances require as little thought as possible to operate and maintain. That’s definitely a good thing for us!

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