Home LG Refrigerators Applauded Across Europe Thanks to Cutting-Edge Compressor
Home LG Refrigerators Applauded Across Europe Thanks to Cutting-Edge Compressor

LG Refrigerators Applauded Across Europe Thanks to Cutting-Edge Compressor

The Company’s Refrigerators Pass European Consumer Media Testing with Flying Colors Courtesy of Innovative, Energy-efficient Inverter Linear Compressor

LG Electronics (LG) has been raking in rave reviews from numerous popular European consumer magazines for its latest premium refrigerators. While trying to point consumers looking for new kitchen companions in the right direction, some of Europe’s biggest consumer tech media outlets have heaped praise on the company’s fridges that employ LG Inverter Linear Compressor, ranking many of them first across multiple categories.

LG bottom-freezer (GBB92STAXP) stands alone as the only refrigerator to hold a five star rating with Les Numeriques, a French website providing potential buyers with reviews and information on the latest technology, the site awarding its highest scores across several categories including user-convenience, freezing performance and energy consumption. Altroconsumo (Italy), Which? (U.K.), Consumentenbond (Netherland), Pro-Test (Poland), OCU (Spain), Deco Proteste (Portugal), Test Aankoop (Belgium), Rad & Ron (Sweden) and Kuluttaja (Finland) also put the company’s bottom-freezer on top after conducting their own in-depth performance tests.

The company’s 458 Liter-capacity Slim Multi-Door refrigerator (GMQ844MCKV) was selected best Multi-Door and Side-by-Side refrigerator by Italy’s Altroconsumo, scoring particularly well for its cooling speed, temperature maintenance and energy efficiency. The LG Side-by-Side refrigerator fared just as well, as it was named best refrigerator by Spain’s OCU and Portugal’s Deco Proteste.

Behind this global recognition lies the refrigerators’ powerhouse, LG Inverter Linear Compressor. Raising the bar for advanced appliances, this compressor converts linear motion into cooling power more efficiently than conventional rotary compressors, thereby reducing energy consumption [1] to the delight of Europeans living in regions enforcing strict energy regulations. Through inverter technology, the compressor can flexibly change speed as necessary unlike constant-speed motors, and allows the company’s fridges to produce as much cold air as needed to maintain perfect constant temperatures.

Staying true to LG’s reputation for innovation, InstaView Door-in-Door™ technology gives a whole new meaning to user convenience. With two quick knocks of the fridge’s front panel, LG InstaView eliminates any unnecessary opening of the door by illuminating the contents inside, while the Door-in-Door feature gives owners swift and easy access to their most-used ingredients and favorite cold beverages.

“Our commitment to developing core technologies like Inverter Linear Compressor is key to the global success of LG refrigerators,” said Dan Song, president of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company. “We will continue to innovate advanced user-oriented technologies to lead the kitchen appliance market and ensure a better, easier life for consumers everywhere.”

[1] LG refrigerators with Inverter Linear Compressor use 32 percent less energy compared to conventional compressors, according to VDE testing comparing energy consumption between LG model GBB530NSCXE and GBB530NSQWB. Energy consumption test is based on ISO 15502 standard.

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