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Home FashionValet Collaborates with Pos Malaysia

FashionValet Collaborates with Pos Malaysia

FashionValet (“FV”), a go-to modest fashion platform is in its tenth year of being industry pioneers of exciting collaborations and partnerships. Adding to that list, FV has now joined forces with an iconic and household name since the era of our forefathers to celebrate Malaysia Day. With the Covid-19 situation being under control and handled by the Ministry of Health superbly compared to many other countries, Malaysians are feeling the pride now more than ever. A collection to further boost that feeling is a step in the right direction. 

Pos Malaysia, an organisation rich in history with a track record of over 200 years, is a recognised brand in Malaysia and has been FV’s shipment services partner for over 10 years. It is with their services, FV has been able to connect with and deliver to their customers. Sharing an identical vision of connecting fellow Malaysians, it was fitting for FV to team up with one of the country’s long-established companies that remains faithful in serving the needs of the nation, and FV is proud to create a collection to celebrate our love for Malaysia.

“It’s an honour for Pos Malaysia to collaborate with a top and fresh Malaysian brand such as FashionValet, as both organisations share the same passion in closing the gap of online e-commerce in Malaysia,” says Mohamed Rozaidi Md Sharif, Chief Executive Officer of Pos Malaysia Berhad. “Through FV’s fashion platform, Malaysians can get their hands on the latest fashion designs and keep up with the latest trends, while Pos Malaysia is at hand to provide customers with the convenience and peace of mind through our trusted and widest distribution network, along with accessible rates for everyone to enjoy quick and safe delivery of purchases right to their doorstep,” he adds.

Pos Malaysia is also proud to be the inspiration behind FV’s latest fashion line in conjunction with Malaysia Day, which the company sees as a wonderful tribute to its front liners who faced countless challenges during the recent MCO and a salute to their sacrifices and commitment.

Aptly named ‘Negaraku Negaramu’, the colours of the Malaysian flag of blue, red, yellow and white are evident, though there are also black and khaki. Mainly consisting of streetwear apparel, the collection has hoodies, t-shirts, cargo pants, a bucket hat and messenger bag to choose from. FV’s design team traced back the history of Pos Malaysia. The prints on the pieces have the iconic red post box, the round stamp used to seal parcels and letters, the distinctive colours of Pos Malaysia and also a khaki-coloured top and bottom set that resembles a postman’s uniform from the colonial era. To make it even more special, the campaign photos were shot at Pusat Mel Nasional, the very grounds that is the heart of the hustle and bustle of Pos Malaysia. 

Prices are kept at an affordable range from RM59 to RM149 per piece with a size range of XS to XL. There are 13 designs in the collection altogether and is unisex launching on FV’s website at www.fashionvalet.com and mobile app on the 9th of September. They are casual and comfortable, perfectly suitable for the lounge and lepak culture of most Malaysians.

“Like most Malaysians, I only knew Pos Malaysia as someone who delivers my parcels. But after working with them on a deeper level with FV being one of our logistics partners, do I realise how much they do for the nation. Without them none of us will be connected. They ease our daily lives without us even realising,” Vivy Yusof, Group Creative Director of FV says. “So, this collection, as much as it shows our love for Malaysia, is also a tribute to the thousands of postmen and employees at Pos Malaysia for all they’ve done for us since the 1880s. I thank Pos Malaysia Group for the collaboration and agreeing to do this collection with us! Having the same values to connect people, I am so proud that FV got to collaborate with them,” she continues.

FV and Pos Malaysia are firm believers that this collection will bring about nationalistic emotions of honour, dignity and respect to the wearer of the ‘Negaraku Negaramu’ collection.

My country is your country, and together we stand united for her, our beautiful Malaysia.

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