Home LG Malaysia Technology Inspiring Movies with Valuable Lessons That You Should Watch with Your Family
Home LG Malaysia Technology Inspiring Movies with Valuable Lessons That You Should Watch with Your Family

Inspiring Movies with Valuable Lessons That You Should Watch with Your Family

Social issues around the world have been the topic of discussions for many lately, especially discrimination. This is an ongoing issue in countries around the world. Which is why, it is all the more important for us to instil valuable and respectful life lessons in children who are continuously forming their views and belief systems through the experiences of life. They are the future of our country after all.

Children are especially known to copy everything an adult shows them, not just the steps that lead to some outcome, but it appears to be a universal human activity, according to Dr. Rick Nauert who is also an associate professor for Rocky Mountain University of Health Professionals. One way parents and families can introduce good values and teachings to children is through watching informative, yet heart-warming movies that provide compelling examples as a source of inspiration and education.

But just what movies to watch, I hear you ask? Fret not. We understand the struggles of filtering through a long list of movies and with new movies being released every month, we have narrowed it down for you.

Up (2009): Sometimes, family does not have to be blood-related
If you love Pixar movies such as Monsters, Inc., or Toy Story, you would definitely love this animated movie. Up tells the story of an elderly widower named Carl Fredricksen who sets out to fulfil his dream of seeing the wilds of South America as a promise he made to his late wife, Ellie. Along the way, he meets Russell, a young Wilderness Explorer who is trying to earn his final merit badge for “Assisting the Elderly.”

Adventure? Humour-filled? Check and check! This lovely and slightly whimsical animated movie pulls the heartstrings of both young and old with the distinguished touch of Pixar’s magic. Carl and Russell’s relationship shows children that familial love can sometimes be formed outside of blood relations and one is never too old for an adventure of a lifetime. We can’t say which is more adorable – Carl, the exteriorly grumpy yet interiorly soft grandpa that everyone loves or Russell, the quirky, funny kid that has everyone going “aww.”

Of course, watching a colourful animated movie like Up would be made even better with a TV that accentuates the exquisite colour palette and magical landscape. With its Pure Colours feature, LG NanoCell TV possesses the ability to deliver visuals for a spectacular and more lifelike experience. It provides the Very Impressive Picture (VIP) experience and vibrant movies will look astonishingly realistic on the LG NanoCell TV. Now with 8K resolution, every speck of particles and pixels will be brought to life. Forget about going to the cinemas, you can now have your own little mini home cinema mixed in with your very own VIP experience!

Harry Potter movie series: Love, sacrifice, acceptance, and friendship
The title itself needs no introduction. Harry Potter books and movie series are well-loved and celebrated across the globe and it became a literary phenomenon, all thanks to J.K. Rowling.

Banding together to defeat the most feared villain, Lord Voldemort (He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named), in the Wizardry world, most characters in the movie series display love, courage, sacrifice, friendship and acceptance. One of the largest valuable life lessons from the Harry Potter books and movie series discuss acceptance and inclusivity for people and creatures of all shapes and sizes. Who would forget Harry’s care for the often-bullied house elf Dobby or Hagrid’s fondness for his giant spider Aragog?

A jam-packed action and fantasy movie series would be best watched on a TV with immersive viewing. Did you know that the LG NanoCell TV is equipped with the α9 Gen3 AI, which uses deep-learning algorithms to analyse and automatically adjusts on-screen content? Well, now you do! The LG NanoCell TV upscales text and images with enhanced detail and definition, turning your favourite movies into a realistic work of art. What better way to truly experience Hogwarts than a lifelike viewing experience?

Finding Nemo (2003): Parents would do anything for their child(ren)
Finding nemo has somewhat become a classic when it comes to animated movies. The movie portrays the story of a clownfish named Marlin who is on a quest to find his missing son, Nemo and befriends a blue tang fish named Dory who suffers from acute short-term memory loss along the way. Together, the dynamic duo sets on a dangerous but humorous path in learning about teamwork, friendship and most importantly, family will do anything for family.

The central theme of Finding Nemo is Marlin’s resilience in finding Nemo and he would do anything for his son. The movie encourages trust and independence in one’s child(ren). This is a movie that both parents and children can learn a lot from while spending time together. Also, no one would want to miss the iconic “whaling” (pun intended) of Dory’s that has since become a famous catchphrase, or should I say whale-phrase, when she communicates with a Blue whale.

The making of Finding Nemo focuses on the underwater environment that is graceful and beautiful. With the elegantly well-thought-out computer-animated settings by the production team of the movie, it would only do it justice if the movie is watch on a TV that can capture the essence of the underwater environment. LG NanoCell TV has the Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos features that can deliver the creator’s vision. The Dolby Vision IQ intelligently adjusting the screen brightness, colour and contrast for genre and lighting conditions. The underwater environment that the movie’s production team beautifully portrayed can now be brought to life. You can enjoy the movie fully with its immersive audio and visual.

And there you have it – some of the few heart-warming and feel-good movies to watch on a family movie night. Tuck yourself in comfortably on your sofa with your family and prepare some popcorn because you’re about to go on an emotional yet fulfilling ride with these movies. Plus, you can feel the VIP experience surrounding your home when watching the movies!

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