AirAsia implements innovative technologies to improve the customer journey, making flying more hygienic and seamless

AirAsia continues to revolutionise air travel with numerous new innovations deployed over recent times to further improve the customer experience and make flying not only safe and affordable, but also more seamless and contactless than ever before.

AirAsia has partnered with digital transformation company GrayMatter to launch Scan2Fly, an industry leading technology that can determine a passenger’s eligibility to fly before they arrive at the airport, including real time verification of relevant health documentation.

With Scan2Fly, AirAsia guests can scan and upload their medical certificates during the online self check-in process. This includes the corresponding processing of any required documents to verify whether the passenger is approved to fly by the various authorities and possesses a valid COVID-19 Negative Certificate.

The system has been successfully implemented by GrayMatter and has already gone live for a number of AirAsia flights from Malaysia’s KLIA2 Airport to/from Singapore as well as to/from Surabaya and also will be launching soon for flights to and from Jakarta. The cloud-hosted technology is very tightly integrated and tailored to AirAsia’s applications and is also equipped with robust information security which will be eventually be introduced to other AirAsia destinations, where valid travel documents are required prior to travel.

Scan2Fly delivers numerous efficiencies for AirAsia with reduced staff interaction at the airport and provides guests with peace of mind, before travelling to the airport. Once the documents are uploaded, a report is provided automatically with the approval/rejection status, including the reason for any rejection. 

At the same time, AirAsia announces numerous other recent enhancements in conjunction with strategic partner Vision-Box, including automated bag drop services, roving technology for temperature checks, and biometric facial recognition technology F.A.C.E.S. (Fast Airport Clearance Experience System) - the airline’s contactless facial recognition passenger processing system. The airline is also working with Vision-Box to further deploy numerous other touchless experience systems such as digital identity management across the airline’s travel and finance ecosystem.

Javed Malik, COO of AirAsia Group said “Innovation has always been in our DNA. Our digital transformation continues to gain momentum as we work hard to make travel in this new world more secure, hygienic, contactless and seamless than ever before by improving our digital capabilities which reduce costs and further enhance the customer journey. As we pivot into a one-stop travel and lifestyle platform, there are many more innovations in the pipeline which we will announce in due course.”

AirAsia Achieves Top Seven Stars for COVID-19 Health Ratings for Every Airline in the Group

AirAsia is thrilled to be awarded the top seven stars for every airline in the Group for COVID-19 health ratings from the aviation safety experts at, following the implementation of numerous industry innovations over recent times to make flying more seamless, hygienic and contactless than ever before.

As outlined on the website, airlines are judged on seven criteria including website information on COVID-19 procedures, the wearing of face masks, personal protection equipment for the crew, modified meal service, regular deep cleaning of aircraft, personal sanitizer kits and social distancing onboard. Editor-in-Chief Geoffrey Thomas said that “It was concerning to find that many airlines did not appear to comply with the COVID-19 agreed standards for the protection of passengers and crew.

“That is changing and our team is reviewing compliance on a weekly basis. AirAsia was one of the first airlines to aggressively adopt all the recommendations.

“These are based on the criteria set out by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) on regional and international safety guidelines.”

Mr Thomas added that “It is a bit like the most dangerous part of the journey is the taxi, grab, gojek or Uber ride to the airport and so it is with COVID-19. You are in far more danger of getting COVID-19 en route to the airport than at the airport or on the plane.”

COO of AirAsia Group, Javed Malik said “We thank the aviation experts at for their recognition of the priority we are putting on making sure that air travel is not only safe and affordable, but also more convenient, seamless and hygienic in this new world we now live in. Innovation has always been in our DNA and this is a great testament to all the hard work we have put in, working overtime during the downtime to continue to revolutionize air travel, reduce costs and enhance the guest experience.”

Earlier this week, AirAsia announced it’s newest innovation - Scan2Fly - an industry leading technology that can determine a passenger’s eligibility to fly before they arrive at the airport, including real time verification of relevant health documentation.

With Scan2Fly, AirAsia guests can scan and upload their medical certificates during the online self check-in process. This includes the corresponding processing of any required documents to verify whether the passenger is approved to fly by the various authorities and possesses a valid COVID-19 Negative Certificate.Once the documents are uploaded, a report is provided automatically with real time approval/rejection status, including the reason for any rejection. The system has already gone live for a number of AirAsia flights from Malaysia’s KLIA2 Airport to/from Singapore and Surabaya with Jakarta joining soon and it will eventually be introduced to other AirAsia destinations, where valid travel documents will be required prior to travel.

At the same time, AirAsia also confirmed numerous other recent enhancements which are already in place including automated bag drop services, roving technology for temperature checks, and biometric facial recognition technology F.A.C.E.S. (Fast Airport Clearance Experience System) - the airline’s contactless facial recognition passenger processing system. The airline is also working to further deploy numerous other touchless experience systems such as digital identity management across the airline’s travel and finance ecosystem. As AirAsia’s digital transformation continues, there are many more innovations in development, which will be announced in due course.

Brainzyme review: Get more Brainzyme FOCUS when you are Working From Home

Some of us may have been working from home ever since the pandemic and with the current directive by the government recently to make it compulsory for every private and public sector worker to work from home, I’m going to tell you one thing. It’s going to be hard, it’s our home, a place where we rest and when it comes to rest there are many things we do in our home. Meaning, working from home is a challenge where there will be a lot of distractions.

Honestly, Brainzyme FOCUS Elite has been a lot of help to me in trying to focus on my work at home. It is a brain supplement, yes your brain needs supplement too that helps in maintaining your focus to whatever tasks you need to do with focus. Like me, I write and the amount of focus I need is a lot and the distractions in my house is a lot too like my cat, Netflix and social media.

Brainzyme FOCUS is a plant powered brain supplement with 30 active ingredients that scientifically proven to support concentration, cognition, energy memory and mental performance to help you to stay focused throughout the day. It’s the first United Kingdom nutritional cognitive enhancer with full British regulatory compliance enforced by the Department of Health UK that includes Regulatory Agency (UK), Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (UK), Food Standards Agency (UK), Trading Standards Scotland and the European Food Safety Authority (EU).

There are three products of Brainzyme FOCUS, it each product comes with stronger formula to further support your focus and they are:

  • Brainzyme FOCUS ORIGINAL
  • Brainzyme FOCUS ELITE
  • Brainzym FOCUS PRO

The main ingredients for all of the supplements are Enhanced Matcha Theanine, made from specially selected green tea leaves that contain several nootropic components that help our brain which is L-Theanine that increases attention performance, improves sleep, boosts reaction time, and promotes relaxation. And all of this from one natural ingredient!

Also each of the products have different additional natural ingredients like Guarana fruit seeds, Choline which can be found in broccoli, Ginkgo Biloba, Panax Ginseng and other minerals and vitamins that are nootropic.

I always take 2 capsules of Brainzyme FOCUS ELITE every morning with plain water, I am a coffee guy and to ensure the effectiveness of Brainzyme, I can only take any protein related food or drink 30 minutes or 60 minutes after taking Brainzyme and since I like my coffee with milk so I waited but it’s worth it. It really supports better than my coffee, there are days where I don’t take coffee and just Brainzyme and I feel focused like I have taken coffee(because caffeine helps me focus in a way).

Brainzyme FOCUS starts from RM157+ to RM238+ with free shipping worldwide above RM217+. One of the many best things about Brainzyme FOCUS is, they sell in a set of 1 month packages and can also mix each type to further help yourself to support in getting clearer thinking but you can always choose your package.

But don’t worry about your enquiries when you want to know more about Brainzyme or have questions regarding shipping or whatnot, you can go to and you can contact them directly or read helpful FAQs.

Brainzyme FOCUS definitely helped me in supporting me to think clearly, focused and alert throughout my day. With all its natural ingredients, it’s definitely a beneficial supplement for my brain.

For more info about Brainzyme please visit:

Puma Signs Global Pop Superstar Dua Lipa

Global pop superstar Dua Lipa has joined the PUMA family and will be the newest face of the company’s women’s business. Dua will collaborate with the global sports brand to help inspire women around the world, not just by being featured in global campaigns, but through important inclusive initiatives close to her heart.

“I am so excited to announce my partnership with PUMA,” said Dua Lipa. “From performance rehearsals to hiking in the hills, it's important to feel comfortable & look good. I’ve got so many ideas for the projects and campaigns I’ll be taking part in and look forward to bringing them all to life with my PUMA family.”

Dua Lipa and PUMA share the same values of being determined, confident, joyful, and brave. Dua is not only a powerful influence for millions of young women, but she has also been an advocate to raise awareness around women’s issues and gender equality. This is why in 2021 she will be the headliner of PUMA’s “She Moves Us” campaign, focusing on inspiring women who move together to achieve and connect through sport and culture.

“We are thrilled to welcome Dua to our family”, said Adam Petrick, PUMA’s Global Director of Brand and Marketing. “We were drawn towards her creativity, passion, drive, and the way in which she resonates with the young female consumer. But most importantly, we were moved by her authentic passion to close the gender gap and look forward to supporting her through several brand initiatives we have planned together. We think she embodies what today’s consumer is looking for in a role model.”

Dua Lipa has been built an extraordinary career in a very short time. She released Future Nostalgia, her #1 UK sophomore album, this year to worldwide acclaim. Upon release, Future Nostalgia was the most streamed album in a day by a British female artist globally in Spotify history and has over 4.5 billion streams to date. Dua is the biggest female artist in the world on Spotify and is currently the third biggest artist overall with nearly 60 million monthly listeners. The album’s certified platinum lead single “Don’t Start Now” is a worldwide hit with one billion streams on Spotify, and a #2 spot on the Billboard Hot 100, a career high for the pop star. Dua followed the success of “Don’t Start Now” by releasing smash UK single “Physical,” and her US Top 40 #1 “Break My Heart.” Future Nostalgia is the follow up to Dua’s eponymous 2017 debut, which is certified platinum and spawned 6 platinum tracks. She made BRIT Award history in 2018 by becoming the first female artist to pick up five nominations, with two wins for British Breakthrough Act and British Female Solo Artist and received two Grammy awards for Best New Artist and Best Dance Recording in early 2019.

PUMA kicks off their multi-year partnership with Dua Lipa as presenting sponsors of her fun-filled “Studio 2054” virtual performance where both she and her dancers will wear PUMA. As a surprise to her fans, PUMA is offering a limited batch of discounted tickets for the performance. To access these tickets, click here.

Spritzer Contributes Mineral Water to Support Covid-19 Frontliners

Malaysia’s best-selling natural mineral water producer – Spritzer is sending mineral water to COVID-19 front-liners to continuously show respect and spread the love and care on their contribution in the fight with COVID-19. 
Hospital Sandakan

Since the end of January, Spritzer is committed to donating Spritzer Natural Mineral Water to these pandemic front line “warriors” both in Malaysia and China. These initiatives are part of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which aim to let the COVID-19 front-liners stay hydrated throughout the day.
IPD Taiping
With the collaboration of Yee Lee Trading Co. Sdn Bhd, it helps to deliver the mineral water to hospitals in the soonest time, to maintain daily hydration needs of front-liners. Not only hospitals, but it also included those duty forces, for instances polices.

Spritzer not only cares about the COVID-19 front-liners but do continuously support the community, especially during any disaster in improving the quality & well-being of society. “Utmost thanks and sincere gratitude to every front-liners for their dedication and tireless efforts in their fight against COVID-19,” said Spritzer.

Stay safe and stay hydrated!

Mednefits concludes Series A RM24 million funding; enhancing employee benefits in Malaysia

Mednefits will have over 1,500 panel clinics across Malaysia by Q1 2021

Chris Teo, Chief Executive Officer, Mednefits

Mednefits, an employee medical benefits platform, today announced the raise of RM24 million (SGD8 million) in its Series A funding round, led by BLoyalty Sdn Bhd, owner-operator of B Infinite, a digital engagement platform that serves merchants from various industries and businesses. B-Infinite will also work with Mednefits to enhance and automate the medical benefits for its clients’ employees across Malaysia, amounting to RM55 million by 2021.

Mednefits connects companies and their employees directly to medical providers, through its platform that tracks and processes employees’ claims in real-time, thereby offering automated, affordable and accessible healthcare. To date, Mednefits has connected over 50,000 employees from 500 companies in Singapore and Malaysia — including 7-Eleven, Fish & Co, and ViewQwest — to over 2,000 healthcare providers.

Employers across Asia Pacific have long found the rising cost of employee benefits to be a key challenge, with 69 percent of them citing it as the top challenge faced. [1] In particular, conventional employer-sponsored health insurance tends to bundle inpatient and outpatient insurance together, thereby increasing the cost to employers. Additionally, healthcare administrators, employers and employees routinely submit and process paper-based claims, inflating administrative costs throughout the healthcare value chain.

Chris Teo, Chief Executive Officer, Mednefits said, “Digital technologies can help companies address several business and operational challenges. By having businesses of all sizes on Mednefits’ cloud-based platform, and an expansive network of panel clinics, we are able to offer competitive and flexible corporate healthcare plans, while simplifying and automating reimbursements.”

The Malaysian government unveiled support for businesses to automate and digitalise operations during the recent 2021 Budget announcement, with the aim of promoting long-term productivity. Measures include topping up the SME Digitalization Grant Scheme and the Automation Grant by up to RM150 million, as well as extending the Industrial Digitalization Transformation Scheme, valued at RM1 billion, till 2023.

“As Malaysia charts its transformation into a digital economy, Mednefits will work with local businesses to overhaul and streamline their employee benefits, including their corporate medical insurance. We will use this investment to scale growth in Malaysia and Singapore, while also improving the product’s self-service capabilities by growing our technological know-how,” Teo concluded.

World’s leading Internet Exchange operator DE-CIX’s new ASEAN white paper sees Malaysia becoming a major sub-regional interconnectivity hub

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DE-CIX, operator of the world’s largest neutral interconnection ecosystem and one of the world’s leading Internet Exchanges, in its new white paper on the interconnection potential of the ASEAN region, demonstrates that Malaysia is set to become a sub-regional interconnectivity hub for Southeast Asia. With excellent international and terrestrial connectivity to the rest of Southeast Asia and beyond, Malaysia has the potential to complement the major content hub of Singapore by providing regional interconnection for growing local needs.

Ivo Ivanov, CEO of DE-CIX International
The white paper entitled “New interconnection markets in Southeast Asia”, released exclusively via a virtual press conference today, was commissioned by DE-CIX and researched and written by the neutral telecommunications analyst TeleGeography. In the white paper, TeleGeography highlights that over the years, an excessive dependence on Singapore as the regional and global hub has developed for some networks in the region, resulting in an increasing demand for more widely distributed carrier and data center neutral interconnection infrastructure. This development creates opportunities for at least five frontier markets in the region – Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Bangkok, Manila, and Hanoi.

The demand for interconnection in Southeast Asia is growing rapidly. Some international operators have become overly dependent on Singapore for connectivity in Southeast Asia. Therefore, the movement toward an interconnection platform that spans multiple markets in the region – creating a Southeast Asia wide interconnection ecosystem – is a natural step, as other parts of the world have gone through a similar transformation. This shift will not reduce the need for strong hubs like Singapore, but rather supplement that need with greater edge peering, networking, and computing resources. This paves the infrastructure path for content and applications to get as close as possible to the users in their offices and their homes, increasing the quality of experience,” said Ivo Ivanov, CEO of DE-CIX International.

The findings of the white paper demonstrate the rising demand for network interconnection localization on a sub-regional level. The key reasons for this expansion include:

  • Network concentration in one city is not ideal to ensure reliable service in volatile situations
  • The high colocation costs in Singapore (25% pricier than New York’s average price per kilowatt)
  • Operational uncertainty in the other regional hub market, Hong Kong, due to political instability
  • Nascent markets in Southeast Asia have rapidly growing demand for international bandwidth, saturated telecommunications markets, and an appetite for local interconnection.

On top of that, the report has identified Kuala Lumpur to be part of two of the top ten largest Internet routes in Asia, both of which have been accumulating international Internet bandwidth at more than 60 percent Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) since 2015. 

The presence of major cloud providers in Kuala Lumpur clearly indicates a demand for a strong interconnection ecosystem in this market, while the increasing cloud activity in Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur conveys immediate potential.

Mr. Weng Yew Wong, Board of Management
of DE-CIX Malaysia and Singapore
Mr. Weng Yew Wong, Board of Management of DE-CIX Malaysia and Singapore said: “The white paper reveals that the Southeast Asian markets are already highly interconnected and possess regional self-reliance. With the DE-CIX Asia interconnection ecosystem, all DE-CIX’s existing and future IXs in Southeast Asia will be interconnected. Connected customers at any of the exchanges will be able to immediately access networks at any of the other DE-CIX IXs in the region. This will provide a seamless connection, top quality interconnection services, and the most cost-effective way to peer across Southeast Asia.”

Weng added that DE-CIX has a proven record of accomplishment in successfully creating interconnection hubs worldwide. Its customers and partners include not only global hyperscalers, streaming service providers and network providers, but also automotive manufacturers and local and regional cloud service providers.

“As DE-CIX works to create an Asia-wide ecosystem of interconnected markets, smaller markets will increasingly pick up speed. DE-CIX Malaysia, as a part of DE-CIX Asia, will meet the demand for high quality interconnection, and help the Malaysian market to grow further as aspired to in the country’s digital transformation plan.”

Announced in late 2019, DE-CIX and the local Malaysian Internet Exchange provider JBIX created the joint venture DE-CIX Malaysia, which currently runs two Internet Exchanges in the greater Kuala Lumpur and the Johor Bahru region. DE-CIX is to open further Internet Exchanges in Southeast Asia in due course.

BHB, Bank Islam Continues COVID-19 Amal Prihatin Relief in Sabah

AMAL squad also contributed food and drinks packs to Angkatan Pertahanan Awam Malaysia (APM) at Institut Pendidikan Guru (IPG), Kampus Tawau, Sabah.

Concerned with the spike of COVID-19 cases in Sabah, BIMB Holdings Berhad (“BHB”) and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad (“Bank Islam” or “the Bank”) has acted to increase its COVID-19 AMAL Prihatin relief for the state. This time, BHB and Bank Islam have allocated RM100,000 from its corporate social responsibility fund for the initiative.

Among the assistance offered for the second COVID-19 AMAL Prihatin relief to Sabah include:

  • RM20,000 channelled to frontliners in four districts - Tawau, Lahad Datu, Sandakan and Kota Kinabalu - in the form of food supplies and drinks, as well as other necessities.
  • RM80,000 for 800 affected families in five districts - Tawau, Lahad Datu, Tuaran, Sandakan and Semporna - in form of basic necessities. Identification and distribution process are done through collaborations with Lahad Datu District Police Headquarters, Fisheries Development Authority of Malaysia (“LKIM”) Sabah, Persatuan Skuad Komuniti Prihatin Sabah (“KPS”), Pertubuhan Kebajikan Anak Leluhur Nusantara Negeri Sabah (“PERKALAS”) and Pertubuhan Kebajikan Anak Impian Malaysia (“Borneo Komrad”).

Mohd Muazzam Mohamed, Chief Executive Officer of BIMB Holdings and Bank Islam, said, “Empathetic on the challenges faced and wellbeing of people in Sabah, we have decided to double our efforts in helping the affected communities there. During the first wave of COVID- 19, BHB and Bank Islam had distributed assistance worth RM42,000 to the state. The fund was contributed towards providing essential medical-related equipment for the benefit of frontliners in four locations – Ministry of Health (“MOH”) Lahad Datu, Tawau Hospital, as well as Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Queen Elizabeth II Hospital in Kota Kinabalu. We have also distributed assistance to entrepreneurs under Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia (“AIM”) Sabah whose businesses have adversely impacted by COVID-19.

“This support is part of our continuous effort in helping affected communities and the underserved significantly distressed by the pandemic. Apart from that, we also urge customers in Sabah who faced severe financial constraints caused by loss of employment or facing a reduction in income to apply for our post-moratorium targeted repayment assistance, offered until the end of June 2021. Applications can be made online by scanning the QR code available on Bank Islam’s website. Customers may also contact our Contact Centre at 03-26900 900 for further information. We hope these initiatives will ease the burden they are facing,” Mohd Muazzam added.

Huawei’s Ken Hu: 5G Creates New Value for Industries and New Growth Opportunities

At the 11th Annual Mobile Broadband Forum today, Huawei's Deputy Chairman Ken Hu spoke with leaders in the telecoms and digital technology sectors about the new value that 5G can bring to different industries around the globe. As 5G is poised to transform the way we live, connect, and work, the telecoms sector is deeply invested in creating more value beyond the consumer market.

"There's no out-of-the-box approach to innovation," said Hu on the topic of accelerating 5G application in industrial settings. "We've got to focus on real needs in real scenarios – and build up the capabilities to meet those needs. This is a challenge. But more importantly, it's a huge opportunity for everyone involved."

Ken Hu speaks at 2020 MBBF

Global 5G rollout is progressing quickly. As a leader in this domain, China has already seen over 600,000 base stations deployed in more than 300 cities, supporting more than 160 million 5G connections across the country. 5G services in China now deliver speeds in the hundreds of Mbps, and a wide array of 5G services have already been implemented in more than 20 domestic industries, including healthcare, ports, steel, power grids, mining, and manufacturing.

"The adoption of 5G in industries has moved from technical verification to commercial deployment," Hu noted. "As of September 30, 2020, China's three major operators have implemented over 5,000 innovative 5G projects and signed over 1,000 5G business contracts."

While expressing his full confidence in 5G's promising future with industries, Hu noted, "There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution, because every industry has vastly different requirements." He shared four observations on the best ways to drive 5G innovation for industry applications.

First, the industry needs to identify real needs based on specific business scenarios. While many industries have shown that they are ready and willing to embrace 5G, Hu stressed the need to develop a concrete set of criteria for specific scenarios and assess whether or not 5G is the right tool for the job: "This is how we can identify the real needs that are worth investing in."

Huawei proposed four criteria for assessing real needs: technical relevance, business potential, value chain maturity, and standardization. Based on these criteria, four typical scenarios that demonstrate a real need for 5G include remote control, video backhaul, machine vision, and real-time positioning.

Second, networks need to adapt to different scenarios. Networks are the foundation of competitive 5G services, so network equipment, together with network planning, construction, maintenance, and optimization, must be able to meet the requirements of an incredibly diverse range of industrial use cases. This requires operators and vendors to work together and keep innovating based on in-depth insight into industrial challenges.

Third, a thriving industrial 5G device ecosystem is key. Huawei estimates that the average price of 5G modules will level out at around US$100 by the end of 2020, and hit US$40 by the end of 2022, which will greatly enrich the 5G device ecosystem.

Fourth, telecoms operators need to develop new capabilities to serve business-facing 5G markets. 5G technology is a critical element in digital transformation, but it's not a full solution in and of itself. So beyond connectivity, telecoms service providers need to build a range of adjacent capabilities in areas like cloud operations, industry application development, and end-to-end system integration. At the moment, there is a noticeable lack of comprehensive solutions to meet these needs in the enterprise market.

Telecoms operators are in a good position to provide these services. By focusing on connectivity, they can solidify their position as a connection provider in markets where existing network solutions are no longer sufficient. If they develop cloud and integration capabilities on top of that, operators can then provide a combination of connectivity, cloud, and integration services. Different roles have different capability requirements, and Huawei has doubled down on its commitment to helping carriers transform their portfolios as needed.

"5G will create increasingly greater value for industries over the next decade," said Hu in closing. "This means another period of rapid development for the telecoms industry. Moving forward, we will have to overcome a number of difficulties, and every step forward requires change. But I firmly believe that the hardest things are the things worth doing most. Because when you succeed, the results are incredible. We are ready and willing to work with operators, our enterprise customers, and industry partners to push the boundaries of innovation and build a better future for everyone."

At the 2020 Global Mobile Broadband Forum, Huawei will share insights into global industry trends and hot topics with carriers, regulators, partners, and media analysts from around the world. They will explore how innovation in ICT technologies such as 5G and AI can be mutually beneficial to industries and society at large. For more information, please visit:

Huawei's Ryan Ding: Maximizing Wireless Network Value for a Golden Decade of 5G

At the 2020 Global Mobile Broadband Forum (MBBF), Huawei's Executive Director and President of the Carrier Business Group Ryan Ding gave his keynote speech "Maximizing Wireless Network Value for a Golden Decade of 5G". Ding said that the coming decade will be a golden age for 5G's progress around the world, and that the whole industry must have faith in 5G, build the best 5G networks, and make the most of them for shared value.

5G is developing much faster than previous generations. Currently, there are more than 100 commercial 5G networks worldwide, and budget 5G mobile phones have dropped to CNY1,000. This is driving up the number of 5G users around the world, and leading carriers are already benefitting from 5G data plans. They are seeing an increase in the ARPU of 5G users through multi-metric service packages and upgraded services like 5G messaging and enriched calling. 
Ken Hu speaks at 2020 MBBF

To further develop 5G and encourage more people to embrace 5G, carriers need to build the best 5G networks possible. They need to provide coverage across all scenarios such as for dense urban areas, suburbs, and indoors so that users always have access to 5G services. Carriers also need to improve 5G connectivity to deliver a consistently superior experience to users.

In addition to the consumer market, the industrial market will become a new revenue stream for carriers. 5G is being applied in more and more sectors over the year since it was first deployed. Many industry applications have become increasingly commoditized and can be replicated on a larger scale. Carriers are also exploring how to use 5G to enable vertical industries.

Unlike consumers who care most about data speeds, industry customers have a variety of needs, and so it is crucial that carriers maximize network value by nurturing new capabilities. To meet these diverse needs, the telecom sector needs to provide fundamental network capabilities, highly reliable network services, and flexible networking solutions necessary for industrial 5G applications. The telecom sector will also need to make improvements from end to end, ranging from network planning, construction, maintenance, and optimization to operations. This will help reduce the costs of deploying industry applications.

Ding emphasized that developing industrial 5G applications is an industry-wide effort, rather than just carriers' responsibility. Accelerating this development is only possible when telecommunications integrates with other industries. In the recently frozen Release 16, 3GPP added an improved standard for broadcasting services and 5G functions like location and ultra-low air interface latency. Upcoming releases, including Release 17, will address additional industry needs.

At the end of his speech, Ding stated that the next decade will be a golden age for 5G. The whole industry needs to have faith, build the best networks possible for consumers, and nurture new capabilities for industry customers to maximize the value of wireless networks for a golden decade of 5G.

At the 2020 Global Mobile Broadband Forum, Huawei will share insights into global industry trends and hot topics with carriers, regulators, partners, and media analysts from around the world. They will explore how innovation in ICT technologies such as 5G and AI can be mutually beneficial to industries and society at large. For more information, please visit:

Huawei Malaysia Launches Incubator and Acceleration Programme for Tech Start-ups

The Huawei Spark Malaysia competition is organised by Huawei in collaboration with MDEC and powered by TM ONE α Edge (Alpha Edge)

(Far left) Ryan Chan, Head of Business Development, Global Growth Acceleration System, MDEC moderated the panel session which saw (L-R, seated) Mohamad Rejab Sulaiman, General Manager of Data Centre, Cloud and Internet TM ONE; Nicholas Lim, Chief Technology Officer, Soft Space Sdn Bhd; New Jinn An, Co-founder of Hexa IoT Sdn Bhd; and Leo Nuo Jiang, Chief Digital Officer, Huawei Cloud & AI, APAC (in frame) sharing their insights.

Huawei Technologies (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (Huawei) has brought the Huawei Spark programme to Malaysia – a programme which aims to incubate and accelerate company growth and build an ecosystem for businesses in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region.

The programme was launched today in collaboration with the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation’s (MDEC) Global Acceleration and Innovation Network programme (GAIN) and powered by TM ONE – the enterprise and public sector business solutions arm of Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) – through its α Edge (pronounced as Alpha Edge) Cloud platform.

The competition was launched online followed by a panel discussion featuring experts from Huawei, MDEC and TM ONE on the tech ecosystem in Malaysia.

Representatives from Soft Space Sdn Bhd and Hexa Food Sdn Bhd also shared their insights during the panel session.

The Huawei Spark programme is a hybrid accelerator programme to support deep tech companies in APAC, with a focus on firms that use 5G, Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning & Analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), Edge Computing and Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, leveraging Huawei’s technological and innovation leadership.

The programme aims to drive output in the areas of e-commerce, Fintech, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Smart Cities.

“There is a rise in demand for digital solutions and deep tech innovations so MDEC's GAIN programme partnership with Huawei for the Spark Programme is very timely. It will provide local tech companies with the opportunity to gain financial support, test their go-to-market strategies, and connect with mentors, among others,” said Dato’ Ng Wan Peng, Chief Operating Officer of MDEC.

“MDEC will continue to support and partner with programmes like Huawei Spark Malaysia as it fits with our efforts to forge digitally powered businesses that will help shape our digital tech ecosystem and reinforce Malaysia’s goal to be the regional powerhouse for global tech champions,” added Dato’ Ng.

Meanwhile, Mohamad Rejab Sulaiman, General Manager of Data Centre, Cloud and Internet, TM ONE, said, “In today’s digital age, cloud is the backbone technology powering all other innovative technologies such as 5G, AI/Machine Learning & Analytics, IoT, and Edge Computing. As the cloud service provider via our α Edge platform, we are pleased to be partnering with Huawei and MDEC in this programme.”

“It complements our recently announced collaboration with MDEC, in our joint efforts to further strengthen the digital readiness of Malaysia, including digitally empowering Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), in support of TM’s unique role as the enabler of Digital Malaysia. We look forward to more innovative solutions created through this initiative, and perhaps exploring the possibility of partnering with these companies in the future,” said Mohamad Rejab.

CEO of Huawei Malaysia Mr Michael Yuan said as a global technology leader, it is Huawei’s responsibility to assist local businesses in their efforts to digitalise and by doing so, help boost the local ecosystem. He said that collaborations like these are crucial for the success of these efforts,

“Through this collaboration, I believe we will be able to create a conducive space for businesses to grow, to build a healthy ecosystem where they can thrive, and together with their innovative solutions, drive digital transformation across the country to firmly position Malaysia as the Heart of Digital ASEAN.

“Innovation is borderless and when we collaborate, we flourish,” said Mr Yuan.

Kick-starting the programme is a competition where companies can submit their pitches during the application period between November 12, 2020 and January 11, 2021, to be selected to join the programme.

The company ranked first in the competition will receive the top prize in the form of a participation in a six-month long Accelerator Programme which includes:

  • Financial support in the form of USD 125,000 worth of Cloud credits for the company to build their technology stack.
  • The opportunity to participate in the Spark Fire programme, which is a unique value proposition of the Huawei Spark programme designed to boost businesses and brand awareness via business matching and business enablement programmes.
  • One-on-one mentoring and networking opportunities with industry experts.
  • Online and offline training resources.
  • Dedicated Technical Support
  • Go-To-Market (GTM) Support, and
  • A chance at being immortalised in a “Hall of Fame” by being featured in advertorials published by Huawei and MDEC GAIN

The companies ranked second and third will get to participate in a six-month long Accelerator Programme, which includes:

  • Financial support in the form of USD 80,000 worth of Cloud credits for the company to build their technology stack.
  • One-on-one mentoring and networking opportunities with industry experts.
  • Online and offline training resources.
  • Technical Support.
  • Go-To-Market (GTM) Support, and
  • A chance at being immortalised in a “Hall of Fame” by being featured in advertorials published by Huawei and MDEC GAIN

The other seven companies shortlisted will receive one year of incubation support between April 2021 and March 2022, which includes the following:

  • Companies ranked 4th and 5th to receive financial support in the form of USD 20,000 worth of Cloud credits for the company to build their technology stack.
  • Companies ranked 6th to 10th to receive financial support in the form of USD 5,000 worth of Cloud credits for the company to build their technology stack.
  • Online and offline training resources.
  • Technical Support, and
  • Go-To-Market (GTM) Support

The Huawei Spark programme was first launched in 2020 by Huawei’s Cloud and Artificial Intelligence (AI) business group and in view of its beneficial value, it is now being brought for the first time to Malaysian shores.

Also present at the virtual launch today were Ryan Chan, Head of Business Development, Global Growth Acceleration System, MDEC, Leo Nuo Jiang, Chief Digital Officer, Huawei Cloud & AI, APAC, Nicholas Lim, Chief Technology Officer, Soft Space Sdn Bhd and New Jinn An, Co-founder of Hexa IoT Sdn Bhd.

Lazada Subsidises LazMall Brands for Even Bigger 11.11 Discounts with Lowest Price Guaranteed Across Malaysia

Deal seekers are advised to click Remind Me on the Crazy Flash Sale subsidised deals

On the eve of Lazada 11.11 Biggest One-Day Sale, Lazada Malaysia has revealed its latest Crazy Flash Sale offerings that are subsidied by Lazada. These already-discounted deals from popular LazMall brands, such as Apple, Innisfree, SHARP, LANEIGE, Tefal, Lancome, and more, are sponsored by Lazada to have even bigger discounts and unbeatable prices across all eCommerce platforms on 11.11, starting from 12AM, as part of their Lowest Price Guaranteed* promise.

Stocks are limited, so online deal seekers that wish to get their hands on these Lowest Price Guaranteed deals are advised to click the 'Remind Me' function on the Lazada app now, in order to be the first few to snatch the deals tomorrow on 11.11. More information available here:


Save, Splurge & Repeat this 11.11 with Fave – CMCO Deals At 90% Off And More From Staycation, F&B To Wellness

Staycation and beauty deals as low as RM11 and 500 other deals for steal with almost 100% off 

With the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) enforced in Klang Valley now extended, Malaysians are embracing a different kind of lifestyle by turning to shopping apps to save more and receive cashbacks. In conjunction with 11.11 sale in Malaysia, consumers can flock to their fave-ourite retail store from the comfort of their homes to snag some affordable online deals at 90% off and more during and after the lockdown period from 1st to 14th November 2020, on everything from essential items to staycation and hair colouring deals as low as RM11, F&B home delivery deals and even booking a Covid-19 drive-thru lab test.

In keeping the savings momentum going with the year-end Christmas celebrations and New Year’s around the corner, the all-encompassing 11.11 deals by Fave serves up an array of promotions to spend wisely and save. With constantly evolving foods and drinks scene and activities, there’s no shortage of things to do, places to stay and deliciousness to devour. Whether it is a 2 day 1 night stay staycation, a hotpot treat delivered to your home or learning something new with Mandarin lessons or even organising your memories in a photobook, Fave’s purpose-built 11.11 deals offers extraordinary experiences.

Save, splurge and repeat on over 500 deals this 11.11 and receive up to 31% in e-cashbacks! Here’s a round-up of the best deals to discover in Klang Valley on the Fave app:

Indulge in A Staycation

95% Off: 2D1N Stay in Private Room at D'Majestic Place by Widebed for 2 People for only RM11
If you’re keen to turn your Kuala Lumpur adventures into an overnight sojourn or a mini escape, you’re going to need to lockdown some accommodation. Those looking to stay near downtown KL should look no further than the incredible D’Majestic Place by Widebed.

  • Purchase offer from today until 14 November 2020.
  • Book your stay by 15th January, 2021.
  • Travel period from today up until 30th April, 2021.

50% Off: Casa Residency: 2D1N Stay in Studio Suite for 2 People for RM150
Wake up to stunning views of KL's skyline with an overnight stay at the Casa Residency. Pepper your stay with indulgent spa sessions, laps at the outdoor pool, and invigorating workouts at the fitness centre.

  • Purchase offer from today until 14 November 2020.
  • Book your stay by 25th December, 2020.
  • Travel period from today up until 31st December, 2020.

Embrace The Great Indoors With Activities

100% Off: Lifetime Access Mandarin Speaking Online Course for 1 Person for RM1.10
The extra free time at home offers a chance to brush up on your Mandarin speaking skills. You may find you now have the time to attempt new ways of learning the language that you never had before.

  • Lifetime access to Mandarin speaking online course.
  • Receive a link and password to access the video courses within 24 hours.
  • Suitable for students aged 6 years and above.
  • Purchase offer from today until 14 November 2020.

98% Off: Organise your memories into a photobook for RM1.90
Encapsulate your precious memories with loved ones, stunning scenery from your travels, picturesque photography, and more with a personalised softcover photobook during this CMCO. It is the fastest and easiest way to create a photobook by uploading precious pictures from your mobile device, and you can also upload pictures directly from your social media accounts as well.

  • Size: 6” x 6”: Mini square softcover photobook.
  • 40 pages.
  • 1 voucher per transaction.
  • Redeem offer from today until 31 December 2020.

Embark On A Foodie Adventure At Home

32% Off: Free Delivery: Hotpot Set for 2 - 3 People for RM59.60
The end of the year weather means one thing: it's hot pot season. Enjoy a glorious communal feast right at home with all the right equipment and ingredients ranging from curry, tom yam to even white radish soup.

  • Free delivery (voucher includes delivery charges).
  • Non-Halal restaurant.
  • All delivery orders are subject to availability.
  • Multiple voucher redemption is allowed.
  • Purchase offer from today until 31 December 2020.

50% Off: Buy 1 Free 1 Drink of Any Bubble Tea for RM16.90
Quench your thirst with a Buy 1 Free 1 deal for any bubble tea from Fire Tiger by Seoulcial Club! Beat the queues and savour this sweet and milky drink and enjoy the combined sugar and caffeine high to last you throughout the day.

  • Valid on Mon – Sun: 10am – 10pm. Valid on public holidays.
  • Valid for dine-in and takeaway.
  • Purchase offer from today until 14 November 2020. Redeem until 30th November, 2020.

Spoil Yourself Silly With These Self-Care Lockdown Deals

99% Off: 1.5-Hour 360 Curve Body Contouring Treatment for 1 Person for RM11
Dreaming of achieving your ideal body shape or trimming your lockdown weight? Work towards it with a full body contour slimming programme at Curvena where experts utilise specialised equipment to help facilitate a quick dissolution of fats and increase your blood circulation to get you steps closer to your desired figure.

  • Limited to only first-time customers of Curvena only.
  • For female customers only.
  • Valid for customers aged 21 and above only.
  • Purchase offer from today until 14 November 2020. Redeem until 2nd February 2021.

98% Off: Balayage / Ombre Hair Colouring + Wash and Blow for 1 Person at Atmosphere Hair Saloon for RM11
Fix your lockdown tresses and revamp your appearance with a funky gradient at Atmosphere Hair Saloon. Have your favourite colours blend in with one another in surreal cascades on your locks for a vivacious boost. Finish up with wash, and blow service for an added dash of sprucing.

Valid at:
  • Damansara Perdana: Mon - Sat: 10.30am - 8pm; Sun and public holidays: 10.30am - 7pm.
  • Atria Shopping Gallery: Mon - Sun: 10am - 10pm.

  • Limited to only first-time customers of Atmosphere Hair Saloon.
  • Limit 1 voucher per person.
  • For male and female customers.
  • Purchase offer from today until 14 November 2020. Redeem until 31st January, 2021.

55% Off: Two (2) Boxes of Aveo Hello Daily Contact Lenses with delivery for RM108
Get your favourite pair of lenses delivered to your doorstep at your convenience! Aveo Hello Daily contact lenses with AquaLock technology corrects common vision problems like nearsightedness (myopia) and farsightedness (hyperopia). The premium soft contact lenses offer you all-day dazzling HD vision, comfort, long-lasting hydration, and superb breathability.

  • Voucher code is not valid for other promotions/discounts/offers.
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Worry No More, Get Screened At A Drive-Thru For Less

27% Off: Nationwide Drive-Thru Covid-19 Lab Test with BookDoc for RM220
Save up to RM80 and choose a drive-thru test centre to get screened. Test will be conducted by private laboratories that are certified by the Ministry of Health in Malaysia to conduct COVID-19 lab test.

  • Via drive-thru at pre-arranged medical centre.
  • Valid nationwide.
  • Covid-19 lab test result turnaround time: 24 - 72 hours.
  • Redeem offer from today until 30 January 2021.

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Anchor Food Professionals gets Malaysians to “Smile with Cheese” and win prizes up to RM100,000

Anchor Food Professionals is bringing back its Anchor Legendairy contest, themed this year as “Smile with Cheese”, a nationwide contest running from 1 October 2020 to 31 December 2020 featuring lucky draws and spin-and-win with even bigger prizes up to RM100,000. This campaign and contest aim to spread the goodness of New Zealand cheese by bringing happiness to Malaysian consumers amidst the current Covid-19 pandemic.

According to Jack Tan, Fonterra Brands Malaysia’s Foodservice Director, the contest aims to spread happiness through the goodness of New Zealand cheese and dairy products, while the country tries to weather through the Covid-19 pandemic. “Cheese is a rich source of protein. Consuming protein as part of balanced diet , and healthy lifestyle contribute to good mood. In other words, eating cheese may make us feel good. We hope to bring more positive vibes and smiles to Malaysians by getting them to indulge in New Zealand cheese!” says Tan. 

Besides being a natural source of protein, cheese is also known for its great taste! The Anchor Legendairy contest is part of the brand’s new campaign to promote cheese dishes from more than 650 participating F&B bakeries, restaurants and cafes who are committed to deliver delicious baked goods such as cakes, tarts and breads as well as pizzas, burgers and even baked cheese rice or pasta. Anchor Food Professionals hopes to support the local F&B industry affected by the global pandemic by extending their presence to more home and in-store diners and patrons as part of a journey to upskill food operators with a much-needed social media skills, especially in times of this pandemic.

“The Covid-19 crisis has accelerated the need for businesses to be social media savvy to pull through the challenging financial climate now. Anchor Food Professionals wishes to support F&B operators to up their social media game so that their businesses continue to survive, or even better, to thrive while Malaysia work towards regaining its economic strength. Hence, some participating restaurants and bakeries are offering takeaway and delivery service in order to reach out to more consumers, especially those who prefer to dine at home during this period of time,” Tan points out. 

Giving the reason to why consumers should choose to consume dairy products from New Zealand, Tan says: “Anchor Food Professionals is one of the leading dairy foodservice company in Malaysia and we pride ourselves for our strong heritage in producing high quality dairy products from grass-fed cows in New Zealand since 1886. Anchor Dairy Foods products are sold in more than 80 countries worldwide and have been present in Malaysia through Fonterra, a New Zealand multinational dairy co-operative since 1960. We have a sterling track record in providing dairy products that are unique in taste, texture and functional performance to food operators in the Malaysian F&B industry”.

Give yourself a reason to smile today with some yummy, cheesy goodness! Join the Anchor Legendairy contest and stand a chance to win lucky draw which includes a grand prize of 3-days-2-nights’ stay at a Langkawi luxury resort for 2 persons with flights included and nine (9) other consolation prizes; as well as electronic gadgets up for grabs for the weekly draw! Contestants can also redeem exclusive prizes from when they purchase Anchor cheese dishes from participating restaurants and bakeries.

OURFARM and IKHLAS help shine some light on 220 B40 families this Deepavali

Representatives from OURFARM, IKHLAS and volunteers from other social enterprises joined hands for Project #Food4B40 Deepavali initiative.
OURFARM, a business-to-business (B2B) agriculture e-commerce platform owned by airasia Digital and IKHLAS,’s Muslim-friendly line of business joined hands last weekend to help 220 B40 families in the spirit of Deepavali.

Dubbed as Project #Food4B40 Deepavali, it was a social goodwill collaboration among OURFARM, IKHLAS and several other social enterprises. Coordinated by Masala Wheels, the programme was supported by Yayasan Hasanah, a foundation under Khazanah Nasional.

Under the project, families from the B40 community have been identified to receive over 500kg of fresh vegetables and 220 food packs to add more cheer and joy as they prepare for the festive celebrations.

Distributions were made to families residing in People's Housing Projects including PPR Laksamana, PPR Batu Muda, PPR Kepong, PPR Jinjang and Pangsapuri Melati Bukit Subang in the Klang Valley.

(Right) Lalitha Sivanaser, CEO of OURFARM distributing
fresh produce to one of the families.
Lalitha Sivanaser, CEO of OURFARM said: “We are happy to be helping these families, many of whom may not have been able to celebrate Deepavali this year, especially those vulnerable communities affected by the pandemic. This is in keeping with the idea of OURFARM, which was established at the early stage of the MCO to help local farmers and agriculture producers to continue with their businesses. We understand that the pandemic is not just impacting the economy as a whole but also individuals and communities. We hope by extending our helping hand, we are able to put a bigger smile on their faces this festive season. 
We would like to thank IKHLAS for partnering with us and the rest of the social enterprises, especially Masala Wheels and Drop & Wash for giving us the opportunity to supply these communities with fresh produce at their time of need. These efforts were not just about helping individual households but also the farmers at the same time and we hope to support more of such initiatives, especially during these challenging times.”

Representatives from OURFARM and
IKHLAS distributing food pack and fresh
produce to one of the families.
Ikhlas Kamarudin, Head of IKHLAS said: “Deeply rooted in the IKHLAS philosophy is the practice of Amal Jariah, where charity goes beyond the giving of money but also time and effort. As an important aspect in every human's life, we aim to support those who are in need through our brand and platform regardless of their social background and religious belief. We are humbled by this opportunity and proud to be able to support this initiative while celebrating our unity as a nation.”

The initiative is in line with OURFARM’s support towards ESG (Environmental Social and Corporate Governance), under which they have partnered with Masala Wheels in the last two months to supply fresh produce to the social enterprise with the aim of not only feeding the community but also empowering it.

Similarly, IKHLAS has assisted over 15,000 families nationwide impacted by the pandemic since April 2020 through its first digital donation drive ‘Give With IKHLAS’. Recently, IKHLAS has also launched ‘IKHLAS For Sabah’ their latest digital donation drive to extend a helping hand to hard-hit communities in Sabah due to the pandemic.