Home Ash Review Brainzyme Brainzyme review: Get more Brainzyme FOCUS when you are Working From Home
Home Ash Review Brainzyme Brainzyme review: Get more Brainzyme FOCUS when you are Working From Home

Brainzyme review: Get more Brainzyme FOCUS when you are Working From Home

Some of us may have been working from home ever since the pandemic and with the current directive by the government recently to make it compulsory for every private and public sector worker to work from home, I’m going to tell you one thing. It’s going to be hard, it’s our home, a place where we rest and when it comes to rest there are many things we do in our home. Meaning, working from home is a challenge where there will be a lot of distractions.

Honestly, Brainzyme FOCUS Elite has been a lot of help to me in trying to focus on my work at home. It is a brain supplement, yes your brain needs supplement too that helps in maintaining your focus to whatever tasks you need to do with focus. Like me, I write and the amount of focus I need is a lot and the distractions in my house is a lot too like my cat, Netflix and social media.

Brainzyme FOCUS is a plant powered brain supplement with 30 active ingredients that scientifically proven to support concentration, cognition, energy memory and mental performance to help you to stay focused throughout the day. It’s the first United Kingdom nutritional cognitive enhancer with full British regulatory compliance enforced by the Department of Health UK that includes Regulatory Agency (UK), Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (UK), Food Standards Agency (UK), Trading Standards Scotland and the European Food Safety Authority (EU).

There are three products of Brainzyme FOCUS, it each product comes with stronger formula to further support your focus and they are:

  • Brainzyme FOCUS ORIGINAL
  • Brainzyme FOCUS ELITE
  • Brainzym FOCUS PRO

The main ingredients for all of the supplements are Enhanced Matcha Theanine, made from specially selected green tea leaves that contain several nootropic components that help our brain which is L-Theanine that increases attention performance, improves sleep, boosts reaction time, and promotes relaxation. And all of this from one natural ingredient!

Also each of the products have different additional natural ingredients like Guarana fruit seeds, Choline which can be found in broccoli, Ginkgo Biloba, Panax Ginseng and other minerals and vitamins that are nootropic.

I always take 2 capsules of Brainzyme FOCUS ELITE every morning with plain water, I am a coffee guy and to ensure the effectiveness of Brainzyme, I can only take any protein related food or drink 30 minutes or 60 minutes after taking Brainzyme and since I like my coffee with milk so I waited but it’s worth it. It really supports better than my coffee, there are days where I don’t take coffee and just Brainzyme and I feel focused like I have taken coffee(because caffeine helps me focus in a way).

Brainzyme FOCUS starts from RM157+ to RM238+ with free shipping worldwide above RM217+. One of the many best things about Brainzyme FOCUS is, they sell in a set of 1 month packages and can also mix each type to further help yourself to support in getting clearer thinking but you can always choose your package.

But don’t worry about your enquiries when you want to know more about Brainzyme or have questions regarding shipping or whatnot, you can go to brainzyme.com and you can contact them directly or read helpful FAQs.

Brainzyme FOCUS definitely helped me in supporting me to think clearly, focused and alert throughout my day. With all its natural ingredients, it’s definitely a beneficial supplement for my brain.

For more info about Brainzyme please visit:

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