Home LG Malaysia Technology How to Keep Your Favourite Clothes Looking “Brand New”
Home LG Malaysia Technology How to Keep Your Favourite Clothes Looking “Brand New”

How to Keep Your Favourite Clothes Looking “Brand New”

Have you ever had someone commenting on how your favourite top looks “beaten up?” You enjoyed wearing it so much that it has started looking worn out from all the regular washes. We all own clothes that have a special place in our hearts. For example, your cardigan which was a birthday gift from mom or that work blazer you bought with your hard-earned first salary. The emotional connection and the money you put into these clothes are what makes them special. No doubt that these clothes are definitely worth the investment. But have you ever wished it lasted longer?

It’s time to evaluate your Cost per Wear (CPW), the total cost of the item divided over the estimated times you’ll wear that item. For example, if you spend RM100 on a new dress and use it 100 times, the CPW is RM1. However, if you only wear it 10 times, the CPW is RM10. Lower CPW translates to a better investment of your money. And the longer your clothes last, the more you use it and the more value you get from it. Extending the lifespan of your clothes will not only benefit you financially but also reduced consumption minimises environmental impact in the long run. Let’s be real, there is no way you can keep your clothes forever – but the least you can do is take care of them and expand their lifespan for as long as you can. How would that be possible, I hear you ask?

Give Your Laundry Some Attention
A study [1] finds that washing your clothes according to their technical quality like the clothes’ fabrics type will improve its lifespan. However, there are countless fabric properties and various ways to wash them. This can get overwhelming especially if you have a busy lifestyle.

But the good news is today’s washing machines come with intelligent technology that can provide meticulous fabric care. LG’s AI Direct Drive (AI DD™), for example, detects the differences in fabric type and automatically choose the suitable washing pattern for you. With deep learning technology, it compares this information against 20 thousand data related to washing machine used for optimal wash cycle programme. This feature will get you the best results in terms of cleaning your favourite clothes and extending its lifespan by 18% [2].

It’s tempting to take shortcuts when doing laundry. While you should always check the instructions on the care label, these are some general techniques to keep in mind as you do your laundry. 
  • Wash clothing with metal separately. Metal such as buttons and zippers often find their way into the wash to become seriously hot in the dryer. This can lead to scorching and melting on other clothes.
  • Consider a washing machine with an intelligent care feature like LG’s AI DD™. AI technology will pick the right setting for you. 

In the past, doing your laundry may have been time-consuming. But, with the LG washing machine, your laundry can be done in just 39 minutes [3]. The TurboWash™ 360 feature of its latest washing machine cleans your clothes in a shorter amount of time. Thanks to the four directions of 3D multi nozzles, it covers a full 360 degrees of washing - it doesn’t leave even an inch of your clothes unwashed.

LG ensures that you get these innovations at no expense. The LG AI DD™ washing machine line-up comes with bigger capacity without taking up more physical space with the laundry room. This includes bigger drum capacity that will allow you to wash more clothes in the same washer size. More clothes can be washed in a shorter amount of time? Sounds like a sweet deal to me!

Practice Good Storing Habits
The way you keep your clothes can also affect their lifespan. We must remember that proper clothes storage helps with keeping clothes looking brand new. Here’s how you can step up your storing game:
  • Button up buttons and zip up zippers. Sharp zipper teeth, studs and even buttons sometimes catch against other clothes and cause damage.
  • Invest in good hangers. Wire and plastic hangers can stretch the shoulders of your garments and when you wear them, it can look awkward. Consider wood, velvet or plush hangers that can help your favourite outfits stay in shape.
  • Think cool and dry. Storage with excess moisture and heat can encourage the growth of mould on your clothes.

Clothes can collect dust when left untouched for some time. Don’t fret because LG’s washing machine with Steams™ technology can remove allergens up to 99.9% [4] such as dust mites that can cause allergy or respiratory issues. No more sneezing up a storm when you wear your favourite clothes.

Now, you have these wonderful tips that would help preserve your favourite piece. People may want to think twice about calling your favourite clothes “shabby” because when you take better care for them, they will be fresh and clean as the day you bought them!

[1] Laitala, Kirsi, and Ingun Grimstad Klepp. “Making Clothing Last: A Design Approach for Reducing the Environmental Impacts.” International Journal of Design 9, no. 2 (September 2015): 93–107.
[2] Tested by Intertek on March 2019. Cotton cycle with 2kg of underwear compared to LG Conventional Cotton cycle(F4V9RWP2W vs. FC1450S2W). The results may be different depending on the clothes and environment.
[3] Tested by Intertek on March 2019, based on IEC 60456: edition 5.0. TurboWash39 cycle with half load of rated capacity.
[4] Allergy Care cycle certified by BAF (British Allergy Foundation) reduces 99.9% house dust mite allergen.

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