bekal by foodpanda visits Hasimah

A true supermom. That is what Hasimah Abdullah, a mother of four from Putrajaya has proven to be.

An image of Hasimah’s daughter eating food from a large tiffin carrier on her desk recently went viral on Twitter after a Malaysian influencer ridiculed the mother for making her daughter carry such a heavy load to school. 
Original Twitter post by influencer ridiculing Hasimah
In her response, Hasimah chose to remain positive, breaking down the whole incident through a Facebook status, sharing that a mother’s love and care for their children should have no boundaries.

Malaysians showed unconditional support for Hasimah as well, praising the mum for fulfilling her duties as a parent while others described her as a perfect role model for standing firm in her belief.

On Thursday evening, her positive attitude in handling the situation was rewarded with a similar act of kindness at their home in Putrajaya.

Hasimah and her family were greeted by a foodpanda rider sporting the new pink and yellow bekal by foodpanda uniform. Commenting on the warm gesture, Hasimah said, “To be honest it was quite a surprise. But we are happy to receive this generous treat from the team at foodpanda. More than that, I just want to take this opportunity to reassure moms everywhere that they are super moms too! You are doing your very best with what you have to work with and never let anyone tell you differently.”

bekal by foodpanda is currently undergoing a pilot phase in Putrajaya over the next two months. The mission and objective is to specialise in delivering halal-only food from halal-certified restaurants.

Additionally, all bekal by foodpanda riders have been trained on Halal and food safety requirements. The riders also are required to comply with the Halal logistics assurance system that has been developed internally by the bekal by foodpanda team.

“When we heard about Hasimah’s ordeal, we knew we wanted to pay her a visit, to bring her some joy and meet the woman who stood up for herself and her family. And of course, as it began with a big “bekal” of food, we knew we had to bring our new bekal by foodpanda riders to deliver delicious halal food to Hasimah and her family,” said Khairil Ahmad, Head of Public & Government Affairs, foodpanda Malaysia.