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Home ACCA Malaysia Lifestyle ACCA Malaysia Welcomes 2,030 Newly Qualified Members

ACCA Malaysia Welcomes 2,030 Newly Qualified Members

As part of leading accountancy body worldwide, new members join acclaimed network of 227,000 finance professionals across 176 countries

ACCA Malaysia’s annual celebration to welcome new members was doubly significant this year, as 2,030 Malaysians rejoiced in their achievement following a year that was marked by uncertainties and drastic change.

Having completed their ACCA qualifications, earning the right to call themselves ACCA-certified finance professionals, these new members of a global community were warmly welcomed by senior members of ACCA Malaysia which included Mark Millar, ACCA President; Edward Ling, Country Head of ACCA; ACCA Council Members; and Lim Fen Nee, Chairman of ACCA Malaysia Advisory Committee.

The ceremony was held virtually to ensure the safety of thousands of participants during this time of pandemic, marked their entry into a well-respected professional network. ACCA’s long and distinguished history opens the doors to many opportunities while providing a supportive environment that welcomes diversity at every level.

Edward Ling
The global business environment is a cultural melting pot, with different voices and opinions being heard hence many organisations are coming to realise that success rests on embracing this diversity. Since its inception in 1904, ACCA has welcomed individuals from all walks of life who may otherwise have been barred from seeking professional qualifications.

“ACCA has always been dedicated to serving its members, both independently and with the support of our many partners. Even at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, which impacted our students and members, we took the necessary measures to serve the needs of all our members by offering online forums, webinars and developmental programmes, a virtual career fair, online hubs and much more,” said Edward Ling, Country Head of ACCA. “These efforts underscore our commitment to our members and our profession that we continually strive to improve ourselves in order to provide more valuable service to our peers, employers, and society as a whole.”

Today, ACCA boasts 60% female members and a truly international community residing in 176 countries, who each bring valuable and varied perspectives wherever they go. With this forward-thinking view and strong dedication towards its members and partners, ACCA has built an impeccable reputation for highly-skilled professionalism among employers, government and academia.

ACCA’s corporate pillars are based on the principles of inclusion, integrity and innovation. The strength of this reputation is only matched by the broad scope of resources made available to ACCA members, drawing from global and regional expertise as well as Malaysian insights. Carefully curated to be relevant, practical and informative, these resources support members’ continuing professional development, including free access to:

  • ACCA Careers, an exclusive portal where accounting jobs are posted by top employers
  • Up-to-date accounting and auditing standards
  • Exclusive online and face-to-face learning opportunities
  • Online hubs to provide current information on situations such as Covid-19
  • The latest news and technical updates from AB Magazines
  • Professional Insights reports on trends and issues affecting finance professionals
  • Wide range of member networks for peer support such as Young Members Network, ACCA Malaysia Women’s Network, Regional Members Network, ACCA ExpertLink, and many more.

With this support and numerous resources for professional development, ACCA takes an individual as far as their character, commitment and talent can take them.

Despite being unable to meet face-to-face, the virtual celebration injected a personal touch with a social wall. Themed “What’s Your Story”, new members shared pictures of their ACCA journey, especially the most inspiring moments, people or places that had helped them to achieve their qualifications.

The icing on the cake was a special webinar by Guest Speaker Vishen Lakhiani, Co-Founder and CEO of innovative learning platform Mind Valley, to share his insights on creating a more resilient mindset.

“In these difficult times, resilience is an important quality for individuals as well as corporations. As a professional accountancy body, we hope for our members and partners as well as our nation to be resilient and to persevere through whatever challenges we face in the coming months of recovery,” added Ling. “To all our new members, rest assured that we – your new family – will be right there with you to weather the storm and emerge stronger on the other side.”

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