Home Ash Review foodpanda Malaysia Lifestyle REVIEW: Got my favourite with foodpanda
Home Ash Review foodpanda Malaysia Lifestyle REVIEW: Got my favourite with foodpanda

REVIEW: Got my favourite with foodpanda


MCO is still around, working from home is now on a rotational basis but one thing still remains which is craving for food regardless wherever and whenever. I love delivery service and have been using it even when fast food started their own delivery service. It's efficient and no hassle. I know some of you have been having the problem that some delivery service charges can empty your pocket everytime, but there’s a trick to that!

First thing first it has to be foodpanda, because foodpanda has more variety of food choices that you can choose from including a stall across the road that you used to get for a quick meal to your favourite restaurant you always had to end your week after a long day at work.

The trick is that, to always be on the lookout for discounts or special offers and foodpanda has it all every single day. So, always check the foodpanda app or enable notifications so you don't miss it.

My haul this time with foodpanda is 3 Budak Gemok, the famous braised soy sauce chicken and out of the world homemade sambal. This is not the first time I’ve ordered this but definitely my first time sharing the food here.

With foodpanda, it took exactly 25minutes to get it delivered to my door which is very convenient, it was nicely packed and still hot by the time it got to my hands. 3 Budak Gemok is definitely my go to food when I’m craving for that spicy sambal with chicken and what 3 Budak Gemok offered was more than that because of the braised soy sauce chicken.

Highly recommended to have your delicious meal with 3 Budak Gemok using the foodpanda app that comes with daily discounts and offers. Get your meal via the foodpanda app today and receive 30% discount on selected restaurants including 3 Budak Gemok.

Get your 3 Budak Gemok via foodpanda near you HERE

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