Covid Oh Covid, is one of the many titles that has been made available through a drama content partnership deal between Malaysia’s biggest content producer and distributor, Primeworks Studios and iQiyi. Last month, the streaming platform also announced the addition of top rated TV3 dramas such as Aku Yang Kau Gelar Isteri to their growing library of content.

The 13-episode drama series which stars Adibah Noor, Tony Eusoff, Umie Aida, Nabila Huda, Tiz Zaqyah, Nora Danish and Syafiq Kyle makes its debut on the Lestary slot, 9.00pm on 2 April until 23 April 2021.

The story revolves around Tok Wan played by Umie Aida and her quirky family who are faced with a variety of hilarious events during the MCO 2.0 period.

The title will be available on iQIYI’s streaming services the same day and an hour after it airs nationwide on the Media Prima-owned television channel, TV3. Once available, the episodes alongside subtitles in Bahasa Malaysia and English will be accessible for all to watch at any time for free on or download iQIYI app on App Store and Play Store or via

Synopsis of Covid Oh Covid
Tok Wan's daughter, Habsah (Adibah Noor) finds out that her husband is in love with a widow who lives next to the surau. He often uses this reason to go to the surau. However, their son, Shazrul (Nasiruddin Alaydrus) finds out about his father’s affair. Together with her sister, Shazrul hatches a plan to break the two apart.

Tok Wan’s granddaughter, Safura (Tiz Zaqyah) who marries a singer plans to hold a virtual concert to raise funds to help those in the creative sector who are affected by the pandemic.

Tok Wan’s other granddaughter, Suhaila (Nora Danish), finds herself in trouble when her husband learns that she can’t cook and has been ordering their delicious meals from restaurants!

Many more hilarious incidents will take place in the lives of Tok Wan and her family and we’ll see how they pull through together as a unit.