Home F&B Goodday Lifestyle This Ramadan Choose to Redeem Rewards or Contribute to The Elderly with Goodday Milk
Home F&B Goodday Lifestyle This Ramadan Choose to Redeem Rewards or Contribute to The Elderly with Goodday Milk

This Ramadan Choose to Redeem Rewards or Contribute to The Elderly with Goodday Milk

Goodday Milk launches ‘Goodday Sebarkan Kebaikan’ campaign in spirit of the holy month

Bringing goodness to the community during the holy month of Ramadan, Goodday Milk, one of Malaysia’s favourite milk brand since 1968, has recently announced the start of their Goodday Sebarkan Kebaikan campaign. Through this initiative, Goodday Milk will make it possible for Malaysians to undertake acts of charity right from their own homes. The campaign will run throughout the holy month, from now till 12 May 2021.

The month of Ramadan is not only one of the holiest months for the Muslim community, but is also meant to be a time of self-reflection, to see how one can be better individuals in their community. This spirit of selflessness and community is much more heightened in current circumstances, as many people are going through various challenges in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a brand that stands for the good of the community and consumers, Goodday Milk’s latest campaign is intended to encourage all Malaysians to give back to the underprivileged during the holy month and spread acts of kindness in whatever ways they can.

“With Ramadan festivities dampened in wake of the pandemic, it gives us great honour to be able step in and touch the lives of Malaysians in need. We hope that through this campaign, Malaysians are able to make generous donations to charities and individuals in need, strengthening the spirit of community in this holy month, said Yee Pek Kuan, Vice President of Marketing at Etika Sdn Bhd.

‘Goodday Sebarkan Kebaikan’ allows Malaysians to make a contribution or redemption in simple steps
It’s simple to take part in the Goodday Sebarkan Kebaikan campaign. Consumers just need to purchase any Goodday Milk or Tropicana products worth of minimum RM15 in a single receipt from participating retailers and submit their entries and receipt details to www.gooddaysebarkankebaikan.com, together with their full names and IC number, and retain the original receipt as proof of purchase. An email and SMS will be sent to notify consumers once the receipt is validated within 48 hours, which will lead them to make a choice if they would like to redeem Touch ‘N Go e-credit worth up to RM30 or donate the amount to an old folk’s home namely, Pusat Jagaan Al-Fikrah Malaysia. Consumers will be given a duration of 3 days to redeem the rewards or contribute to the old folk’s home instead.

In addition to that, Goodday Milk will be working together with ERA, one of Malaysia’s leading Malay-language radio stations, to further amplify the message of spreading kindness and goodness this Ramadhan. The radio station will be interacting with its followers on its social media pages through two main activities called Goodday Turun Padang and Goodday Renungan Ramadan Live.

In Goodday Turun Padang, ERA’s followers were able to participate by voting on the task to be carried out by ERA’s announcer in spreading kindness through polls on Instagram Story.

On 29 April , a Goodday Renungan Ramadan Live will be carried out by Dato Dr Haji Mohd Fadzilah Kamsah and an ERA announcer. The Facebook live session will provide tips on how to keep a positive mind, cultivate goodness within themselves as well as share ideas on how Malaysians can extend goodness even during unprecedented times. ERA’s followers can keep an eye out on Goodday Milk and ERA’s social media platforms for more information.

Throughout the pandemic, Goodday Milk has conducted several campaigns for the benefit of their consumers and the community at large. This included conducting virtual moreh sessions and even a partnership with navigation app Waze that would allow Malaysians to shop at less crowded supermarkets.

“In these uncertain times, we all need to stand by and support each other. As a brand that has always been supported by Malaysians, we will continue to partake in acts of goodness to give back to the society whether it is through charitable initiatives or campaigns that keep our consumers engaged, as they work from home,” added Pek Kuan.

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