Enjoy Big Screen, Big Call and Big Moments on the HUAWEI Vision S Series, made available on two variants – 65” and 55” and stand a chance to win the HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro

A global brand, HUAWEI has showcased unrelenting commitment in helping consumers build a fully connected and intelligent lives through constant technological innovation. The HUAWEI Vision S Series – come in two variants – 65” and 55” which will make its official Malaysian debut on 27 April at 7:30pm (MYT) – is set to further strengthen HUAWEI’s Seamless AI Life strategy and “1+8+N” concepts, offering consumers their Big Screen, Big Call, and Big Moments as it comes equipped with essential elements at its core such as interconnectivity, interactive capabilities, multi-device collaboration and multimedia prowess, all ready at your service with a click of a button.

Stand a chance to win a HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro [1] by participating in the designated activity when you watch the online local launch livestream on HUAWEI Mobile MY’s Facebook and YouTube.

Here are some reasons how the HUAWEI Vision S Series will amaze you:

Enrich Your Entertainment Experience to a Cinematic Level

As HUAWEI’s first-evet Smart Screen in Malaysia, HUAWEI puts a strong emphasis on its entertainment quality. Equipped with 120Hz display and coupled with Advanced Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation (MEMC), the Smart Screen offers an overall immersive and smooth visual that guarantees to capture every single detail of every content on the Smart Screen. On top of that, the Smart Screen is also fitted with double than the usual number of speakers fitted on the HUAWEI Vision S – two Full Frequency Speakers and two High Frequency Speakers including 1L sound cavity. The powerful quad-speakers gives you a cinematic bass and treble audio experience no matter the content streamed on the Smart Screen.

Stay Connected even Without Your Smartphone with the 1080p HUAWEI MeeTime

Connectivity has always been at the centre of HUAWEI’s invention. With state-of-the-art technologies, HUAWEI is able to extend the connectivity element to its latest product, HUAWEI Vision S Series, equipping it with high definition 1080p HUAWEI MeeTime. What is more amazing is that this feature allows user to directly engage in a crystal-clear video 1080p high-definition video call without it being connected to your HUAWEI smartphone. All it needs it to be synced with your HUAWEI ID during the Smart Screen installation and you are all set to stay connected with your loved ones anytime from the comfort of your homes.

Be the Master of Your Homes

Interconnectivity has eased our lives as our devices can now collaborate with one another and update almost instantaneously. The HUAWEI Vision S comes with OneHop projection, thus with one tap of your HUAWEI smartphone against the HUAWEI Share icon on the Smart Screen remote control, you will be able to view your Huawei smartphone’s content on the Smart Screen’s larger display, all in a blink of an eye. Not only that, to ease the content navigation in a smarter way, you can do so by simply swiping left and right on your Huawei smartphone via the smart control function. 

As a global leader in the industry, HUAWEI wants to deliver products of the highest quality in entertainment and connectivity features paired with intelligence through all the features packed within the HUAWEI Vision S, making it the epitome of smart living.

[1] Terms and conditions apply.