Home Samsung Samsung Galaxy Technology YouTube Premium: A new way to experience YouTube with Galaxy
Home Samsung Samsung Galaxy Technology YouTube Premium: A new way to experience YouTube with Galaxy

YouTube Premium: A new way to experience YouTube with Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy smartphones make every experience of what we love to do on our phone, effortless and more desirable. With enhanced innovations, new features and impactful partnerships, Samsung Galaxy smartphones are built for how we use our phones today.

Samsung is excited to announce the extension of its Google partnership with the joint goal of delivering an uninterrupted world of YouTube on Samsung devices. Through this partnership, Samsung customers can enjoy up to 4 months of YouTube Premium on their eligible Samsung Galaxy device, free of charge! YouTube Premium comes free for 4 months with the purchase of a new Galaxy S21 series and all 2021 premium mobile and tablet devices [1]; and 2 months free with the purchase of all other Samsung mobile and tablet devices purchased and activated on or after 6 March 2021 until 5 March 2022 [2].

Samsung is committed in bringing premium and richer experiences to its customers across its mobile devices – allowing them to seamlessly enjoy their favourite content on YouTube, uninterrupted. Let’s take a read on the benefits of YouTube Premium below:

Enjoy every video on YouTube and stream your heart out with no commercial breaks – say goodbye to interruptions by ads before and during a video, including video overlay ads and be entertained 100%.

YouTube Music Premium
Revel in tons of songs and videos without ads; download them to your mobile device for offline listening; use background play to keep your music playing while you use other apps; and turn on audio-only mode to listen to music without loading the video.

Download and go
If you are commuting on paths or often visit locations that has limited cell reception then this could be your ultimate remedy – because with YouTube Premium, you can download videos and watch them anywhere, even without a signal.

Background Play
Simultaneously having to attend to your messages or perform a quick search on the web while watching or listening to your videos isn’t an issue anymore – because whether you are in other apps or your screen is turned off, YouTube Premium keeps playing.

[1] Premium Devices include devices from the Samsung Galaxy S, Note, Z and Tab S categories.
[2] Only for new subscribers of YouTube Premium. Terms and conditions apply. Please visit the YouTube Premium offer page here: www.samsung.com/my/offer/mobile/youtube-premium/ for the full terms and conditions.

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