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Citrine One Academy Takes Off

New business unit to leverage on need to upskill communication practitioners in the face of digital revolution

Citrine One Group has today announced the kick off of its new business unit Citrine One Academy, the training and upskilling arm of the Group.

Junaidi Asmara
For a start, Citrine One Academy (COA) is parked under the wings of Citrine One Malaysia (COMY) as the company has been providing training to C-Suite, Senior Managers, Managers and Executive of GLCs and PLCs on communication related programmes for the past two years.

“As the country moves towards digital transformation and with the uptrend rapid growth of social media platforms and digital media, we felt it is the right time to expand our training programmes to communication practitioners locally (SMEs and general public) as well as regionally and globally, leveraging on our affiliate networks via Citrine One Global,” said Junaidi Asmara, Co-Partner, Citrine One Group.

“We are cautiously optimistic amidst the current pandemic Covid-19 which still seems to be unsettled. Yet, confident with the years of training experience we have had, Citrine One Academy will contribute significantly to Citrine One Malaysia’s revenue as we have the experience of conducting online, physical and hybrid training,” Junaidi enthused.

The list of Citrine One Academy’s training programme for the year include:

  • Digital Media Marketing & Communication Workshop: 29th, 30th June and 1st July, 2021
  • PR Writing Workshop: 17th & 18th August 2021
  • Bengkel Penulisan Perhubungan Awam: 24th & 25th August 2021

Apart from Training, COA is also set on organizing forums, conferences and seminars in the near future.

Citrine One Academy also intends to offer free training to underserved communities and fresh graduates and equip them with communication skills that will bring them a level up when searching for jobs as the economy improves.

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