Southeast Asia’s largest car e-commerce platform, Carsome, officially launched Carsome Certified Lab, the largest car refurbishment facility in the region.

Carsome launches Carsome Certified Lab, Southeast Asia’s largest car refurbishment facility

Spanning over 185,000 square feet, the fully-functional Lab is a state-of-the-art facility that transforms a pre-owned car to be as good as new. It is able to refurbish up to 2,000 Carsome Certified cars per month, an unprecedented scale across Southeast Asia.

Carsome is capable of capturing a 360-degree view of a car’s exterior and interior, so the car is easily viewed from all angles on Carsome’s website

Carsome Certified CEO Mei Han said that Carsome Certified Lab plays an integral part in supporting the company’s pursuit of delivering peace of mind to consumers. “Carsome Certified exists to give consumers the options of pre-owned cars that are more superior. All our cars go through world-class refurbishment at Carsome Certified Lab, so that our customers can choose their dream car from our largest selection of best-in-class, quality-assured cars. This is our continuous effort in eliminating consumer and industry pain points," Mei added.

A section of the Carsome Certified Lab, where part of an end-to-end refurbishment process takes place to ensure they are quality-assured Carsome Certified cars

Carsome relentlessly refurbishes each Carsome Certified car, which are carefully selected through a stringent 175-point inspection to ensure that it is free from fire, flood and major accident damages. The bulk of the investment is spent on mechanical and general repair, body and paint, as well as car detailing.

The works in Carsome Certified Lab cover all parts of the car, including internal, external, engine, transmission, suspension, steering, electrical and electronic. Each process is performed by skilled and experienced technical specialists while adhering to global safety standards. All these efforts ensure that all Carsome Certified cars are safe, comfortable and look as good as new.

The Carsome Certified Lab management and team of trained specialists who are responsible for every Carsome Certified Car’s stringent inspection and refurbishment process

Carsome plans to open additional Carsome Certified Labs in the next 12 months across Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand to continue offering the widest and largest selection of pre-owned cars for consumers to choose from.

A Carsome Certified Lab specialist performs quality check on the tire to ensure Carsome’s commitment of delivering safety cars are fulfilled

The company currently lists more than 1,000 cars on its website, where it offers a hassle-free, digital experience to consumers who wish to buy a quality car. Consumers can expect to browse for cars online with 360o view, purchase one with minimal paperwork and have their cars home-delivered for maximum convenience.

All Carsome Certified cars will look aesthetically pleasing thanks to reputable and quality OEM manufactured paint

All Carsome Certified cars come with the Carsome Promise, which ensures that the cars have passed a stringent 175-point inspection and includes a one-year warranty, five-day money-back guarantee, and fixed price with no hidden fees.