Home fave Lifestyle Fave Launches Southeast Asia Tech Hub in Kuala Lumpur
Home fave Lifestyle Fave Launches Southeast Asia Tech Hub in Kuala Lumpur

Fave Launches Southeast Asia Tech Hub in Kuala Lumpur

  • Fave, Southeast Asia’s smart payments platform is launching its Tech Hub in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with an ambition to groom regional engineering talents, and to drive digital innovation
  • Launched in conjunction with training partner iTrain and universities, Fave’s Tech Hub looks to hire around 100 engineers in 2022

Fave, Southeast Asia’s smart payments platform has launched Tech Hub in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. As a part of Fave’s efforts in evolving the fintech landscape, the new Tech Hub will serve as a platform to groom top class engineering talents and drive digital innovation in Southeast Asia.

In collaboration with training partner iTrain and universities, Fave’s Tech Hub aims to onboard 100 engineers in 2022. Tech Hub will provide participants with training, professional certification, mentoring and coaching, product development projects, as well workshops and eventually placement offerings across Fave and Pine Labs companies. Kickstarting with the first batch, the programme will mainly focus on fresh graduates, making them industry-ready. Besides opening to fresh graduates from coding academies and universities, the programme also targets individuals who are career shifters/self learners who have strong interest in Software Engineering, learning through Youtube, Coursera, Udemy, Stack Overflow, LinkedIn. As a recurring programme, the Tech Hub will be the foundational first step in Fave’s commitment to continuous growth of the engineering talent pipeline in Southeast Asia.

Arzumy MD, CTO of Fave, said “It is beyond essential to invest into growing talent that is the backbone of the booming fintech ecosystem in the region. We are proud to be taking a leading role in building a pipeline of talent that will benefit the entire ecosystem and digital innovation in the region. With the launch of Fave’s Tech Hub and our versatile training approach, we are confident in shaping the next generation of experts to revolutionise SEA’s fintech landscape. We only see this as the first step in fostering world-class product engineering—a booming career path in Malaysia, Southeast Asia and beyond.”

Fave’s roadmap to building world-class Fintech Engineering talents in Southeast Asia is anchored by three pillars:
  • Ecosystem Building: Partnering with top educational institutions in Malaysia to identify and upskill talent through adjunct lectures, development workshops, career guidance and mentoring workshops. This will be coupled with an expanded internship programme to expose participants to ecosystem partners that employ digital technologies required to create advanced digital solutions. Tech companies and service providers in high-potential engineering communities will also be re-engaged with events and meet-ups to accelerate the overall mission of Fave.
  • Readiness Training: Occupational training and skills development will be achieved through a strong partnership with iTrain, who will helm the rigorous 6-week technical and soft-skill modules.
  • The “Good to Great” Initiative: A post-training programme segment where upskilled participants are assigned responsibility to empower and grow other engineers, as well as non-technical team members and manage full project streams.

Fave is on the lookout for individuals with a methodical and structured thought process with strong collaboration skills, quick understanding of new concepts and strong communication abilities. Over a period of 4 cohorts scheduled on 21 March, 9 May, 4 July and 5 September, Fave aims to double its internship intakes that will raise the bar in product engineering in Southeast Asia. To enrol in Fave’s training programme, fresh graduates with guided/self-learnt coding background are encouraged to apply. To be part of this exciting programme, click on this link to apply, registration for the first intake closes on 3rd March: https://careers.myfave.com/

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