Local fashion is rapidly growing in popularity, especially among working women. 
Carmelita Mohd Zainol
However, with so many brand options available, some brands have been accused of charging exorbitant prices. One of the brands linked to this issue is CARMELITA, a local brand of scarves and women's clothing.

"I understand the concerns and criticisms expressed," Carmelita Mohd Zainol, founder of the CARMELITA brand, said in response to some netizens who disputed the price, which was deemed too expensive.

She went on to say that this is not the first time her brand has been labelled "kayangan," and that it is not for everyone. 
A small group of netizens believe that it's not a bad idea for women to 'invest' in their self-esteem and that everyone has their own purchase rights after the design of Mahalia Kurung, which is one of their Lebaran collections, went viral recently.