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Home Kotex Kotex® Lifestyle Nothing to Haid as Kotex® Challenges Period Stigmas

Nothing to Haid as Kotex® Challenges Period Stigmas

Kotex® empowers and enables women to pass the pads loud and proud with its nationwide #PassTheKotex movement in an effort to destigmatize sanitary pads.

Ever felt like you’ve had to keep your period a secret and hide your pads away? Women do this when they’re on their way to the restroom, when they pull it out of bags, when they pass one to a friend, and the list really does go on! The stigma surrounding periods is something that has been prevalent in Malaysian communities for a long time, and Kotex aims to change that. Kotex is empowering and paving the way for women and girls to challenge the stigma around sanitary pads by launching their signature range Soft & Smooth in a whole new look under their Nothing to Haid campaign. The pads now come in vibrant, batik-inspired designs which aim to not just normalise pads, but glamorise them! Kotex encourages women to stop hiding their haid and pass their pads loudly and proudly.

In conjunction with the launch of the Soft & Smooth's all new look, Kotex is kickstarting a movement to destigmatize sanitary pads. Having to hide pads and learning to ask for them as discreetly as possible is something that so many women have grown up learning to do and this movement by Kotex is aimed at changing this mindset entirely. With social media being an integral part of today's digitally savvy and connected way of life, Kotex is leveraging social media platforms and collaborating with influencer partners to help shift the existing mindset around having to hide pads on its head by passing their pads with boldness and flair! Kotex aims to start conversations and spark real change across the country and invites all women, girls and even men to #PassTheKotex loud and proud, and be part of the movement!

“Kotex has always been passionate and takes active efforts against period poverty and towards strengthening period education as well as breaking of period stigmas. The stigma surrounding menstruation as well as sanitary pads is something that has been prevalent in society for the longest time. We need to take more aggressive measures to destigmatise period so that women’s progress will not lag behind the world and economy. Our Soft & Smooth range features bold, new designs which are designed to be aesthetically appealing and challenge the idea that pads should be hidden. Through our partnership with our influencer collaborators, whom Malaysian girls look up to, we’re aiming for the #PassTheKotex movement to become a national movement that reaches women across the country and helps break the stigmas that surround sanitary pads.” says Radhika Agarwal, Marketing Manager for Kimberly-Clark Malaysia.

Kotex wants to ensure periods never get in the way of a woman’s progress and this is something that they have consistently addressed through their efforts to better period education, eradicate period poverty, as well as break the stigmas that surround periods in general. In Malaysia, Kotex has successfully empowered over 1 million girls and women in the past 20 years through their menstrual education and product donation programmes which are run in partnership with schools, universities, and various NGOs. Kotex has donated more than 100,000 packs of sanitary products in the past six months alone to help women and girls in need across the country. Kotex also assisted Pertubuhan Pembangunan Kendiri Wanita dan Gadis (WOMEN:girls), Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO), World Vision and others with the flood relief efforts last December.

Kotex is encouraging everyone to #PassTheKotex across the nation, as they take a bold step towards breaking the stigma surrounding sanitary pads,To join in yourself, all you have to do is:
  • Share a post on Instagram or Tiktok showing us the most fun and creative way that you would #PassTheKotex to a friend!
  • Make sure to use the hashtag #PassTheKotex when you post.
  • And don’t forget to tag @kotexmy!

And that's not all, in case you needed another reason to join, submit your entries and join the #PassTheKotex movement now to stand a chance to win a BOLD KIT worth up to RM150 full of goodies to help you unleash your BOLDEST self! Plus, the 5 most creative submissions overall will also win a Zalora voucher worth RM500 each so you can live your BOLDEST life in style. After all, who says making a difference means you can’t have fun while you’re doing it!

Check out the new and improved range for yourself and take a step towards living your boldest life! The gorgeous new Soft & Smooth range will be available in all stores from April 1, so grab a pack as soon as you can. This year, take a step towards breaking period stigmas with us. Pick up a pad and #PassTheKotex today!

Kotex will continue, and remains steadfast, in its mission to develop a well-informed society on menstrual hygiene management and eradicating period poverty.

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