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Home F&B FnB Munchy's Level up your wellness with 10 nutrients!

Level up your wellness with 10 nutrients!

Munchy’s Crackers Plus makes snacking healthy

As Malaysians are becoming more health-conscious, many are opting for healthy food choices on a daily basis, which includes snacks. However, making time and effort to prepare healthy, delicious food can be challenging, especially when our schedules are packed with numerous activities.

Being pressed for time, we often grab whatever we can find to fill our stomach. This might be a quick fix, but in the long-term, consuming unhealthy snacks can affect one’s health. As such, convenient, ready-to-eat snacks that don’t compromise on nutrients are the easiest way to fulfill hunger pangs and fussy tastebuds.

Munchy’s Crackers Plus is lovingly made with 10 nutrients like vitamins (A, B1, C, B6), calcium, iron, zinc, folic acid, copper, and selenium, allowing you to snack healthily and happily! Free from cholesterol and trans fats, these crunchy, flaky treats give you satisfying deliciousness in every bite.

CEO of Munchy’s Malaysia Rodney Wong shared, “Snacks can be an important part of our diet to provide energy in the middle of the day, or after exercise. Enjoying a healthy snack between meals also helps to curb your hunger cravings, preventing from overeating during meal times later. As Malaysians, we love to eat, but frequent consumption of unhealthy snacks can lead to health issues in the long run. This is why at Munchy’s, we want to advocate the importance of choosing healthier snacks, which not only satisfy your tastebuds, but also provide the micronutrients our bodies need. Munchy’s Crackers Plus was created for consumers to snack healthily by providing the nourishment of 10 different nutrients in a tasty treat that’s baked to perfection!”

Munchy’s Crackers Plus comes in three delicious flavours: Original High Calcium, High Protein Chia Seeds, and High Fibre Whole Grain. Available in two pack sizes (3-pack: 300g, RM4.80 and 7-pack: 700g, RM10.90), you can bring these crunchy-licious biscuits with you anywhere, for a healthy snack break anytime!

Catch a Munchy’s X AirAsia Ride and get free samples!
From 16 June to 6 July 2022, Munchy’s is collaborating with e-hailing service AirAsia Ride to spread the joy of Munchy’s Crackers Plus! A total of 30 Munchy’s X AirAsia Ride cars will be making their rounds in the Klang Valley, Johor Bahru, and Penang. Lucky passengers who hop into a Munchy’s ride can enjoy a free Munchy’s Crackers Plus sample pack! At the same time, they can also scan the QR code inside the vehicle to purchase their favourite biscuits from Munchy’s official Shopee store.

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