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Home Cosmo Lifestyle Meet Cosmo Pro – The Most Advanced Air Purifier in Malaysia

Meet Cosmo Pro – The Most Advanced Air Purifier in Malaysia

Clean air is not only important, but it is critical for all of us. Some may argue that clean air is now impossible due to the constant degradation and pollution of the environment. In reality, we can still perceive the room's environment with clean air. This is one of the benefits of using an air purifier, as it can reduce the concentration of pollutants in the air.

It is challenging to obtain clean and healthy air in a large city. As a result, don't be surprised if an air purifier is used as a mainstay to ensure healthy air in the home.

Meet Cosmo Pro – the most advanced air purifier in Malaysia

This Cosmo Pro® Air Purifier includes a revolutionary 5-in-1 HEPA filter as well as an AI-powered PM2.5 sensor. The filtering power is unparalleled. With the Pro, you can rest assured that you are breathing the purest air available. It not only filters harmful particles, but it also disinfects the air that circulates.

COSMO PRO® AIR PURIFIER is one of the highest performing filtration systems on the market, with a revolutionary 5-in-1 HEPA Filter that is proven to filter air pollutants such as pollen, dust, bacteria, tobacco smoke, and even Covid-19.

How does an air purifier actually function?
An air purifier is a device that purifies the air that you breathe. Air purifiers are distinct from air conditioners (AC), though some ACs now include an air purifier function in their system. This device does not cool the room like an air conditioner but instead emits clean pollution-free air. This tool can remove allergen particles or allergens, so you no longer worry about asthma or other allergies.

The air purifier operates straightforwardly. When turned on, the air in the room is sucked in by a fan and captured by a filter on the back of the air purifier. After the filter has filtered the air, the air purifier will return the clean air through the front duct. Because the dust, germs, bacteria, and particles in the air have been filtered, the air that is released will be fresh and pollution-free.

Air Purifier Facilitates Breathing
An air purifier is essential for those who have family members who smoke or guests who smoke.

Similarly, many of us share a room at home with our pets, who may bring urine, pet odours, and dander with them. This can be extremely dangerous for allergy-prone family members because the majority of the time will be spent inhaling dust and other pollutants in the air.

Because it effectively removes allergens and other pollutant particles, it is also effectively removes odours, pollen, smoke, dust, pet dander, and nearly any other pollutant in the air. Your home will accumulate a lot of dust and germs without an air purifier, which can cause health problems.

Choosing The Most Effective Air Purifier
An unbiased professional review can help you find an air purifier with the best and most effective HEPA filter. It is critical that you find one that can adjust the size of the room where you will be using it. So, make sure to consider factors such as performance, noise, ease of use, cost, and product credibility.

The results will assist you in narrowing down your options when selecting the best HEPA filtered air purifier for your needs and home environment.


Cosmo's aerodynamic design enables 360° air purification even in areas with insufficient ventilation or air flow. Its robust outer structure also ensures a longer-lasting, more durable air purifier that is highly resistant to physical damage.


HEPA is an abbreviation for "High Efficiency Particulate Air." In reality, HEPA filters are mechanical filters with a much higher capacity for sifting small particles than any other conventional filter. H13 HEPA filters are considered medical-grade and belong to the highest tier of HEPA air filtration.

Keep in mind that 100 percent filtration is impossible, but these filters come close: a HEPA H13 filter can block 99.95 percent of Maximum Penetration Size (MPPS) particles. These particles can include allergens, viruses, bacteria, chemical compounds, dust, and a variety of other substances.

FILTER WITH ACTIVATED CARBON - Neutralises Odours, Absorbs Formaldehyde
Because of its unique properties, activated carbon can remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs), odours, and other gaseous pollutants from the air.

These air filters are made of extremely porous small pieces of charcoal – usually in the form of granular or powdered blocks.

The pores in these carbon blocks have the ability to absorb a large number of contaminants. Cosmo's specially engineered activated carbon layer absorbs formaldehyde, which is commonly found in homes – in gas stoves, wood products, and even your walls and floor.

ANTI-BAC SHIELD COSMO - Prevents Growth of Bacteria
To provide the most effective filtration, this Cosmo Anti-Bac Shield filter uses anti-bacterial technology to specifically suppress the growth of bacteria. As a result, your chances of infection and allergic reactions are reduced.

Photocatalyst Filter (kills harmful substances using light energy) An innovative design that uses light energy to kick-start a process that converts all types of harmful air pollutants into harmless substances.

The electrostatic and oxidation effects of the electrons generated by the Photocatalyst Filter break down germs, viruses, and bacteria, keeping your home healthy and safe.

PRE-FILTERING - Filters Large Particles
The Pre-filter is intended to remove the largest particles first, such as hair, dust, lint, and fur. It is made of Cosmo's patented unique filter fabric, which prevents wear and tear and thus maintains pore size. This results in significantly improved filtration efficiency over time.

What Makes Cosmo Pro® Air Purifier the Best Air Purifier in Malaysia?

Intelligent Artificial Intelligence Technology
You'll have peace of mind knowing the precise air quality of your home. Cosmo Pro® Air Purifier PM2.5 Sensor detects fine particles with a 99.9 percent accuracy using a unique AI laser developed by Cosmo R&D team. When connected to WIFI, the system can use outdoor data to provide a more comprehensive analysis of air quality.

Disinfection with UVC
Cosmo Pro® Air Purifier powerful inner chamber UVC Lamp kills microbes, disinfects in minutes, and continuously cleans the circulating air. UVC radiation causes DNA damage in harmful substances such as Covid-19. The lamp itself has a shield to keep you completely safe.

Completely safeguards your home
Cosmo Pro is designed with powerful motors that can purify every corner of your home of up to 100m2 at a CADR rate of 600m3/h. Your family is well-protected from potential air pollutants regardless of where you place it.

Energy and money are saved
Cosmo Pro uses a precise AI-powered PM2.5 Sensor to purify particulate matter with minimal effort and energy.

Touch Panel with No-Pressure
Adjust your preferred settings on our responsive LED screen display with a single gentle touch.

3 Fan Speed Adjustment
Choose from three different fan speeds, with sleep mode producing only 20dB of noise.

Child Locking Mechanism
Keep your children safe while also preventing unwanted changes to settings.

Ideal For Pet Owners Looking to Eliminate Pet Odour
Cosmo's carbon filter layer contains Pet Guardian, a proprietary antimicrobial agent. This feature, in conjunction with the activated charcoal, effectively neutralises odours, particularly with pets. Pet Guardian effectively eliminates organic matter that causes foul odours in cats, dogs, and small pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, and birds.

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