Home Lifestyle NESH NESH’S Launches Hero Series Air Purifier
Home Lifestyle NESH NESH’S Launches Hero Series Air Purifier

NESH’S Launches Hero Series Air Purifier

Receives recognitions from Malaysia Book Of Records for its water filtration systems

NESH, one of the most well-known household water filtration system brand names in Malaysia has launched it’s all new Hero Series Air Purifiers.

(L-R) Research and Development Director of NESH and iTazzo, Mr Soh Tian Ee, Managing Director of NESH and iTazzo, Ms Soh Yok Kim and NESH Activator, Ms Glanes Goh launch the NESH Hero Air Purifier series.

The water filtration expert with 32 years of experience determined that now is the right time to introduce air purifier systems that are suitable for every household. The air purifier series is powered with five stages of filtration, and adopts medical grade H13 HEPA highly effective filter that effectively eliminate 99.97% of airborne ultra-fine particles as small as 0.3 micron and harmful air pollutants, such as bacteria, molds, viruses, pollen, spores, dust, pet hair, dander, dust mites and PM2.5 tiny particles.

Mr Soh Tian Ee receives recognition from Malaysia Book Of Records for the first water filter with an ozonation system for NESH Qoozo.

According to the World Health Organization’s air quality data[1], almost the entire global population (99%) breathes air that exceeds WHO air quality limits, and threatens their health.

Malaysia’s air quality in 2021 was 3.9 times the WHO annual air quality guideline, and ranked 50th out of 118 countries surveyed with the worst air quality[2].

NESH brings its full range of quality products with unique key features for HeroPro Air Purifier and HeroMini Air Purifier which are designed to maximize users’ experience in providing a better, cleaner and healthier breathing experience.

HeroPro comes with purification and deodorization functions which covers up to 785 sqft or 73m2, equipped with 5 powerful stages of filtration: pre-filter, HEPA H13 medical grade filter, activated carbon filter, photocatalyst filter and UV light providing smart filter replacement reminder, ambient light detection and 3 types of mode: auto, silent, sleep.

While the small, convenient & portable HeroMini comes with 3 powerful stages of filtration: pre-filter, HEPA H13 medical grade filter and activated carbon filter providing aromatherapy function that is suitable for baby’s or children’s room, study room and office desk.

“NESH is constantly enhancing our products, services and user experiences. We have successfully done so for more than 32 years with our water filtration systems. And now we are ready to expand our product offerings with the Hero Series Air Purifier. We want to express our gratitude to our customers, who believe in our brand, products and services. We want to bring more great products to Malaysian families.” says Ms Soh Yok Kim, Managing Director at NESH Marketing Sdn Bhd.

Speaking at the event, the NESH Activator, Ms Glanes Soh, told the media that NESH is confident that its air purifier series will be well accepted even in a crowded market. “Malaysia’s air purifier market was valued at USD68 million in 2020, and is anticipated to grow at an impressive rate of 5% in the forecast period 2022 till 2026. We themed the Hero Air Purifier as ‘Breathe Like Never Before’ as we want to provide a never-before breathing experience to counter indoor air pollution, bacteria and viruses. Much research & development, technological innovation and effort was put into conceptualising and bringing this product to life. We are certain Malaysian consumers will appreciate the Hero Series air purifiers,” she adds.

(L-R) Senior Record Consultant of Malaysia Book of Records, Pn Siti Hajar Binti Johor, Director of iTazzo, Ms Fang Bee Gun, Research and Development Director of NESH and iTazzo, Mr Soh Tian Ee and Senior Consultant of Malaysia Book of Records, Mr Edwin Yeoh Tiong Chin with the  Malaysia Book Of Records Award for the fastest egg white whipping blender for iTazzo i-Processor Blender

At the launch of NESH’s Hero Series Air Purifier, the brand received two Malaysia Book of Records recognitions, namely, The Most Output Holes in a Water Filter Membrane for NESH Membrane Queen and The First Water Filter with Ozonation System for NESH Qoozo. NESH’ sister brand, iTazzo also received Malaysia Book of Records recognition for The Fastest Egg White Whipping Blender for iTazzo i-Processor.

Customers can expect exciting promotions from NESH including pre-order deals until 31st August 2022. The buy 1 free 1 promotion for the HeroPro Air Purifier at the offer price of RM2,888 comes with a free HeroMini air purifier worth RM 1,288. The first 50 customers who place their order are entitled to an exclusive deal of buy 1 HeroPro and get 2nd unit of HeroPro at 50% off.

[1] https://breathelife2030.org/news/new-data-9-10-people-still-breathe-unhealthy-air/
[2] https://www.iqair.com/malaysia

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