• Dual Flagship Sony Camera Sensors built on top of OPPO’s exclusive MariSilicon X NPU Imaging Processor, giving a revolutionary night photography experience.
  • 4K Ultra Night Video delivers 4 times higher clarity and data than a 1080P video, unveiling the unseen in the dark.

OPPO has recently announced that its Reno8 Series 5G will be arriving with a MariSilicon X NPU processor. The device not just provides the first real 4K Ultra Night Video, it is also equipped with an upgraded Dual Flagship Sony Camera System from its predecessor, leading a next level lowlight portrait photography experience on the Reno8 Series 5G.

Noise has always been a huge problem for night photography. To solve this problem, OPPO has applied HDR Fusion and AINR (AI Noise Reduction) algorithms, bringing 4K Ultra Night Video to the device, giving 4X higher clarity than 1080P videos thanks to the collaboration between MariSilicon X NPU and SoC processor.

Not only that, but the improved Dual Flagship Camera Sensors is also now equipped with a new Auto Focus feature on top of the Sony IMX709 sensor, taking the versatility of a lowlight selfie experience to a whole new horizon. This allows users to take ultra-clear lowlight selfies from all sorts of angles, no matter close-up, or wide-angle.