Home HONOR Technology HONOR X Series welcomes aboard its newest member – HONOR X8 at RM 999
Home HONOR Technology HONOR X Series welcomes aboard its newest member – HONOR X8 at RM 999

HONOR X Series welcomes aboard its newest member – HONOR X8 at RM 999

Large battery capacity of 5,000 mAh with HONOR’s smart power-saving technology

The hype train for HONOR’s next product is gaining momentum, with now a latest addition to the HONOR X Series model. With its official launch in Malaysia today, the HONOR X8 5G is unveiled to the public at RM 999, with one year extended warranty worth up to RM 119.

Known for its reliable quality, the HONOR X Series retuned to the Malaysian fore earlier than expected with demands from fans nationwide. Their prayers are answered, with the HONOR X8 5G coming in hot with a large battery capacity and memory, much to the delight of its awaiting consumers. For a 5G smartphone below the RM 1,000 mark, this seems to be the bargain of the year without breaking the bank.

Qualcomm Snapdragon chip - for an excellent 5G communication experience
With the early launch of the HONOR X8 earlier this year, HONOR Malaysia is more than happy in bringing in the 5G rendition, allowing consumers to enjoy the 5G connectivity thanks to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 5G Chipset. Boasting the Anti-Aging Engine, the HONOR X8 5G offers a smoother and better reliability when it comes to user experience for up to 36 months.

The 5,000 mAh large battery is what users are looking forward into. Such capacity carries 20 hours of online video streaming or 13 hours of gaming in a single charge. Thanks to the 22.5W HONOR Supercharge, all it needs is just a 10-minute power up to enjoy 3 hours of online video playback. Now that’s what you called an everlasting power!

6+128GB super large storage - to keep all your best memories
Equipped with a massive storage space of 128GB, the HONOR X8 5G has sufficient room space for 26,500 photos or 10,600 music tracks, with further supports from a microSD card expansion of up to 1TB. The HONOR RAM Turbo on the other hand offers up a boost from 6GB to 8GB to greater capabilities. Multiple apps can now be left in the background without any stress, with seamless switch within instant shows the technology of what HONOR is bringing to the table.

Ultra-clear 48MP Triple Camera – documenting life’s exciting moments
Featuring one of the best camera features to boot, the HONOR X8 5G comes with a rear 48MP triple camera, including a macro lens and depth camera for any photography occasion, formal or casual. Such freedom of choice allows photo enthusiasts to be creatively wild with their snap options, enjoying everything there and not missing out any dazzling moments. The front and rear dual view recording mode makes vlog an interesting perspective on both lens points, resulting into a simple and easy travel video that shows the traveler and the town around them. Vlogging just gets better with the HONOR X8 5G.

Lagi Tahan Lagi Best – Reliable Quality
The HONOR X Series has always carried a reputation for its durable quality, making it a dependable smartphone that has stood the test of time. Test results have shown that the HONOR X8 5G has passed HONOR’s rigorous quality tests and is able to withstand a weight of up to 70kg, nailing itself as a tough cookie. Further results also concluded that the HONOR X8 5G is capable of withstanding extreme weathers in cold, heat and humidity, cementing itself as a trustworthy smartphone.

Price and Availability There are lots to choose from between the 4G and the 5G versions of the HONOR X8. Those opting for a lighter and slimmer grasp with higher camera pixels may side on the HONOR X8 4G rendition at RM 899. Fans who love 5G and the all-day connectivity surely won’t be disappointed with the 5G version of the HONOR X8 priced at RM 999.

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