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Home Samsung Galaxy Technology Music 🤝 Galaxy Buds2, Where Your Passions Meet Excellence

Music 🤝 Galaxy Buds2, Where Your Passions Meet Excellence

As someone with passions, you probably know how satisfying it is to experience a rush of unexpected inspiration, fueling a productive streak. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out like that, and it might be a long wait for the next right mood to strike. But, the good news is, music can help!

Research has found that listening to music while pursuing our passions can pump up our mood and creativity, which may possibly lead to “eureka” moments! Read on to find out how Galaxy Buds2 and the right type of tunes would benefit you the most if you’re struggling with productivity and wants to use music as a booster.

If your passion is Learning
Sometimes it may take a lot of your energy to focus, process and absorb the new information, especially when you’re in a noisy environment. Situations like these is where Active Noise Cancelling in the Galaxy Buds2 comes in handy. Not only will it help to block out majority of the background noises[1] for full concentration, but it’ll also help you soothe your stresses in just a tap with your favourite go-to Spotify or YouTube Music playlists.

If your passion is Working
Staying energized throughout the daily 9 to 6 working hours can be challenging. Because the ‘mid-afternoon slump’ may occasionally knock you into working like a snail, causing your productivity level to tumble down. Consider tuning into classical music with the Galaxy Buds2 throughout your workday to activate feel-good hormones. The Galaxy Buds2 is designed to be lightweight (5g each) and compact size so they will stay snugged in your ears all day long, which will undoubtedly make a huge difference in your work performance and mood.

If your passion is Music-Making
For starters, the Galaxy Buds2 is excellent for practicing the fundamentals of music production tasks such as recording and editing. Thanks to the three microphones, a built-in-voice pickup unit and a machine-learning based solution, you can effortlessly record crisp and clear audio recordings and filter out unwanted noises with Galaxy Buds2. A trend that’s currently popular in audio production is the trick of moving sound going from the left ear to the right. The Galaxy Buds2’s powerful two-way dynamic speakers, which deliver well-balanced, deep bass and clear treble, make it simple to play around with fun audio effect, enhancing every moment of your music-making journey.

If your passion is Content Creating
Make use of the Galaxy Buds2’s fashion-forward design to elevate your style in your TikTok contents! On your energetic days, you may go for a fun colour-blocked look by your Galaxy Buds2 with clothing in opposite colours in colour wheel. But, if you’re not very feeling bright, monochrome fashion will never go wrong! After filming, you can use Auto Switch[2] to smoothly switch your Galaxy Buds2 from reviewing clips on your phone to editing them on your tablet.

[1] Active noise canceling on Galaxy Buds2 received UL Verification for cutting external background noise by up to 98 percent.
[2] Auto Switch feature only available on Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets with OneUI 3.1 or later and Galaxy Watch 4 series or later. Certain devices and applications may not support Auto Switch.

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